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  1. Iniquity is a new gang formed after our old gang betrayed us during a robbery, they left us for dead losing many causality's. From the survivors we banded together creating Iniquity. After many weeks of searching we found the traitorous scums bags and we jumped them after we leathered them to fuck we executed every member and before we pulled the trigger we said "mea est ultio dulcis" and we stand with this motto for our fallen gaffer. This was his last words and we stand by them. Roster Application
  2. aye


    Asked an admin if there was any the said naw Didn't know its too late now
  3. aye


    Attempt 3 coming
  4. Copied MKat warriors full rules didn't know that wis there
  5. OPEN Requirements 1000 hours Advanced Rebel Stable bank account Knowledge of the server rules nae wains Has patter Template Name Age Previous gangs Roster
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