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  1. Lensen

    Denied. 1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence) I've received a video of someone being toxic ingame and in that same video I see you stealing a car in the GZ. If you want to see the video please join our TS and send me an msg.
  2. Lensen

    @Harry Lewis
  3. Lensen

    I'll be dealing with rhis as I've already warned you once for it on the server. It seems you aint listening when you get a warning from an admin when you are breaking a rule by stealing medical vehicles. Therefor we will take it a step further and you will receive a ban for 1month as this is your 4th ban. Also your garage will be checked and all medic vehicles will be removed from your garage. Accepted - 1 month ban applied.
  4. Lensen

    Your saying your not on a VPN yet i get 50+ accounts on your IP... Looks like you are using a VPN
  5. Lensen

    It was only a 24hours ban which is already over.. For the next time.. 24 & 48 hour bans are non-appealable.
  6. Lensen

    20k is nothing compared with what you earn on runs etc.. even if you rob the gastation you can fill it 3 times.. Dont see any issue with the current prizes
  7. Lensen

    This doens't really make any sense.. This could happen everytime you and your friends log in not just at restart... Also there are alot of towns where you could spawn in... And your the one that made yourself wanted by the cops... -1
  8. Lensen

    Denied. 1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence)
  9. Oi! Happy birthday mate! Have a good one!

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Lensen

    Unbanned. Although i don't believe anything of it being ''accidents'' you're still unbanned. Proof yourself or sit the next ban out.
  12. Lensen

    Read. You got banned before for VDM.
  13. Lensen

    @aksu You got banned before for VDM.. Why would I believe its an accident and why would i unban you ?
  14. Happy birthday!

  15. Lensen

    moved to perm ban appeal

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