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  1. Lensen

    @Red_Thief @RhyXis this sorted yet????
  2. Happy birthday !

    1. Tidus


      Cheers Sugarplum!

  3. Lensen

    https://gyazo.com/f18b7b859d2d556ca167c3cd42fc6a75 Calling people a spastic or anything like it is something we don´t tollerate on here. People think they can say anything they want because it's an adult community but what they don't seem to get is that a person that acts like an adult wouldn't say things like that.. as clarified from that page... ´´used especially by children´´ That sayd enough for me. @B e n HYou did got banned before for toxicity in side chat. As the video is surprisingly just 2 seconds I'll be giving you a written warning on your account. This means that any other thing we see or hear from you that will be clasified as toxicity, you will be perm banned.
  4. Lensen

    Accepted. Money has been transferred.
  5. Lensen

    Accepted. 7-day ban issued. Feel free to make a compensation request if you lost anything.
  6. Happy Birthday 🎉

  7. Lensen

    @Kapola internet problems or not, it's not their fault and they should of got the money. I believe the average amount what you can make in a gunpowder run is about 800k, so i'm going to ask you to compensate @M-FaisaLthe money he should of have got. You have 24 hours to compensate him or to tell me that i can transfer it from your bank to his.
  8. Lensen

    @Mc MillerSorry to bother you but i can't seem to find BenH his forum account. He will have 24 hours to respond or i will move on with what i have.
  9. Lensen

    Yes this one works, cheers. I'll give the reported player some time to respond.
  10. Lensen

    @mell0The video link isn't working.
  11. Lensen

    @Matt BrodyCould you please provide a longer video than 2 seconds.. you've could have sayd alot aswell to trigger him. Rather a video of the whole situation or from when you rushed up the DMT.
  12. Lensen

    @Kapolaidk if this is you? If not ignore it. Will give the reported player some time to respond.
  13. Lensen

    Accepted. 48-hours ban issued.
  14. Lensen

    Denied. We've actually had to reconstruct the scene to make sure if he could of hear the initiation or not. Due to Fury standing behind the wall wich will muffle the sound and Jakey standing next to a running vehicle with his earplugs out Jakey would of never heard the initiation as seen in the video. However.. I will have a word with Jakey about the tag abuse.
  15. Lensen


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