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  1. Community Support apps open! Lets gooo!

    1. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      You sending an app in Lensen ?

    2. Lensen


      Someone has to do it if others are inactive^^ :P 


  2. Accepted. 48-hours ban for RDM inside GZ (2nd offense.)
  3. Accepted. 24-Hours ban for RDM
  4. @Jimboke +1
  5. +1 Funny lad!
  6. @PaulS
  7. Goodluck!
  8. I dont believe its a misunderstanding at all. I remember the situation well because I was at the Vanguard HQ that time and got shot at. You were with 3 or 4, Dressed as hobo's with guns. You guys took the DMT at west checkpoint as everyone of vanguard was in HQ and without any shot was fired you started shooting at us and killed a few. However, I do believe everyone deserves a second chance, so we'll see how your doing this time. Unbanned.
  9. Accepted and compensated
  10. Accepted and compensated
  11. Dan

    Accepted and Compensated
  12. happy birthday !🎉

  13. What’s up mate long time no speak. Send me a snapchat x

    1. Lensen


      Im enjoying your story’s on it tbh! Haha. Hows Uni-life?

    2. Battl^^Eye


      Great honestly it’s too good I’m going to be surprised if I make it out alive 

    3. Lensen


      Lol that would surprise me aswell tbh. You only live once mate Enjoy your time. Just try to accomplish the uni lol. If you study that much as you roll one you would be the second Einstein 

  14. Accepted and Compensated
  15. Accepted

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