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  1. Name: LensenSteam ID: 76561198177217126Number of tickets: 5Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Random
  2. Congratz guys
  3. 3,2
  4. 2,8!
  5. 2,5mill
  6. Is this one already gone?
  7. NCU didn't lose hunters back in time Indeed. 4,25 Mill if its not gone yet
  8. Police Tagg removal pls DONE
  9. Some left spare change will do, right?
  10. Privacy BattlEye will never violate your privacy in any way. The EULA clearly states this when installing BattlEye. Any other statements found anywhere else are superseded by the EULA. BattlEye always has and will secure the user's privacy and protect against any sort of software exploitation from outside. I think i need to re-install my @Battl^^Eye.. I t
  11. Congrats on supporter!

    Fuel's created your channel, let us know when you need channel admin in it!

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    2. Neo


      To be honest, I need a haircut.... #tomorrow

      In actuality it's a massive commitment to go straight in at supporter, so yeah :)

    3. Marcus


      Nice #ShortSides

    4. Lensen


      Thanks guys! i'm happy to donate on a server where i have some good times.

  12. Lensen Police tag pease DONE
  13. Can't argue about that hahaha
  14. Since the new update the police have now gigantic taggs and names like on GTA servers.. it's a bit shame because the graphics of the new ranks are so much worse.. i liked the old one, if you now see a group hobo's and cops together you cant even see who has which name.. The old ranks had better graphics and just a little mic when somebody talked. Are we keeping these taggs or are there any plans ? I'd like to see the old taggs back.
  15. Hahaha yea i really liked it! +1 for the rp story. loved it! @Newt @bassie

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