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  1. Lensen

    1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence)
  2. Lensen

  3. Lensen

    Accepted. 24-hours ban issued.
  4. Lensen

    Accepted. Ur second gyazo didnt work but he got warned before. 24-hours ban issued.
  5. Lensen

    2-days ban - non-appealable (minor offence)
  6. Lensen

    Unbanned. Pissed or not, mind ur language. Don't do it again.
  7. Lensen

    Denied. This is your 4th ban already.. You can sit this one out and i hope you'll learn something this time.
  8. Lensen

    Denied. 1-month ban - Appealable after 7 days
  9. Lensen

    I remember you, by the time you were going around by the name Ellisjuh, you were toxic and racism .. calling people all kinds of things. Thought to be smart and get away with it by saying these things in dutch language. Unfortually for you there was a Dutch admin on and heard you, even spoke with you ingame but when i started talking dutch back you gone silent.. I dont believe a single word of your appeal.. but it has been 7 months since you were banned. Proof yourself. Unbanned.
  10. Lensen

    Unbanned. Stop trolling.
  11. Lensen

    Denied. 1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence) For your information.. you already have 2 warnings on your name.
  12. Lensen

    You have no bans on your record.
  13. Lensen

    Denied. 2-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence)
  14. Lensen

    Denied. 6-month ban - Appealable after 1 month
  15. Lensen

    Unbanned. Even though It's not directly your fault, now you see how sure you'll have to be theres been a clear initiation thats been heard by the opponent. You can thank your friend for being banned the last 48hours. Compensation wil not always get you out of trouble, but that you made the effort of compensating and resolving with him made it that you're unbanned now. Have fun.

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