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  1. Unbanned due saying it in group
  2. Accepted on [BLSW] Mr BLSW
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Why did you pick up the gun in the first place? He's standing litterly next to you with a gun and just shot a guy. You could also say it's not really valueing life of your own? As second, as soon as you pickup the gun your turning towards him, in his eyes it's a matter of life and dead. And as third.. It's an active gunfight and you did not make an attempt to leave but instead you picked up his gun.. I personally would not class this as RDM.
  5. Goodluck & Have fun
  6. If you don't remember I was in the cops when you just joined, so no thankyou for the ridealong... The ''easy money'' isnt maybe much but you also don't have to spend money, That's why I called it easy money. Also sayd, youre are walking around with 7mill you say as i made an easy 30mill in the cops for just being on duty. ''On top of that, day in, day out, I work my absolute bollocks off to ensure the police have the support they require off of a Commissiomer.'' Never sayd you nor the police didn't do their job or didn't work hard as this isn't a post against police. Yes! rebels can just do a run and make much and much more and I dont say cops are earning to much at all, my thought was just as they pay a little bit for their equipment, maybe they've should respect their equipment more. Alright fair enough, good points, but this is why im just asking. You giving me a solid argument where i can agree on!! As for the rest, this wasn't a topic against police or in anyway to harm them, Personally I don't see them as ''targets of rulebreak'' but yes i know alot of ppl do.
  7. Hi there! Don't you guys think cops would value their life more if they would have to pay for clothes/weapons/cars? I won't say they don't value life at all but it seems they do very less then rebels/civs that have to pay for everything. And when they died they click the first respawn button they see. If they would have to pay for it they would wait for a medic, so you will get more RP aswell with medics. If its still the same, a CSO starts at 20,000 every 15 min.. That's quiet alot tbh. Nothing against that, as they are on the island to protect the civs and follow the laws. But if they get that amount of money, then it wouldn't be hard to pay like 40-50% of the normal price for atleast the guns and vehicles? Then you can say the other 50-60% gets covered by the 'goverment'. I think this would stop people to join cops to make ''easy money''. They would rather RP their way out than losing another set of gear they'll have to pay for. It would less the amount of empty cop cars you see around Kavala. I think they would value their life and equipment more then they're doing atm. This is just a thought I would like to share and i would be happy to hear your guys opinion about it!
  8. Goodluck boys
  9. Hey there! @Neo fixed the donation. Thanks for your support to the community! 

  10. Name: LensenSteam ID: 76561198177217126Number of tickets: 5Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Random
  11. Name: LensenSteam ID: 76561198177217126Number of tickets: 5Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Random
  12. 3,2
  13. 2,8!
  14. 2,5mill
  15. Is this one already gone?

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