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  1. its that guy from earlier ? hmm and someone was wearing the same colors and clothing trying to rdm me on the same road im already banned however remove a mil from my account and transfer to this guy or i will once im unbanned. it was a cluster f*ck today but all i can do is apologise no doubt ill be banned but if a staff member can please still give this player comp.
  2. rule 1 dont be a dick to wilma okay my bad
  3. nah id of just liked a fair chance and conversation but like most altis life communities a gang gets a staff lead they dont like someone puff gone https://plays.tv/video/5dc9d3882dce04078c
  4. Apparently cant be arsed with my sh*t anymore ?? is reason to ban okay then. https://plays.tv/video/5dc9d1e32a41142cae no doubt nothing will happen about this and this will be removed or his gang will pipe up after i complained about them using admin power to change the colour of my clothing. https://plays.tv/video/5dc9d3882dce04078c
  5. how am i suppose to give a person comp that isnt online ?
  6. i came on slow poke wasnt on ? can an admin comp the money and remove it from my balance
  7. 4pm tomorrow ill be there whats ya ingame name
  8. sorry was away for a day can i have a date and time to be on please to send the money and how much an in game name its not that i dont want to its that unlike most in this community i have real life stuff going on.
  9. okay i can see how not everything i said was heard i apologize i did not break nlr someone killed me at AAA west however to resolve this issue i offer compensation and that offer will remain even if you wish to push for a ban.
  10. could i have a timestamp as to where a rule was broken or time frame ?

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