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  1. Wasn’t there dynamic cap zones before? Around 9 months ago? Would be great to see those back in action, spice things up a little😉
  2. Being able to sell other players kidneys was a good feature that used to be apart of altis life a couple years ago, not sure if you knew how it works. Basically there used to be like a rebel medic station at all the rebels that you could go buy Medic Knifes and stuff like that which would allow you to cut open a player and steal their kidney when they were restrained, then being able to sell the kidney for X amount of money, the player would still be alive but would be dazed and forced to limp to the closest hospital to seek medical assistance. This would be a great feature to see added, it would force more role-play and less killing, I'd expect there to be some sort of rule around this though like maybe, only being able to do this if you have advanced rebel, not being able to sell a kidney within 15 minutes of selling a previous one, the list could go on.
  3. Maybe The Ability to Upgrade a Gang Base for say maybe 10-15 mil that will Allow Helis to spawn too..?? Maybe this way people will fork out more money into gang bases and make them a little better. by gang bases I mean the gang warehouses.
  4. Requirements Must Have 1000 Hours to Join Gang (Screenshot Proof) Must Have a Stable Bank Balance (Screenshot Proof) Must Have Some Sort of Experience in Shooting a gun Age Requirement is 18+ (But Exceptions can be made) Must Speak English Must Have Discord Must be Active Must have a good microphone KNOW THE RULES Application Name: Hours (With Screenshot): Money (With Screenshot): Previous Gangs (If Any): Any Vouches?: Do you know the rules?: Which Rebel License do you have?: Do you have Discord?: Do you have a good microphone?: Why do you want to join VenoM?: What Timezone are you?: How old are you?: Are you Active?: Roster Leaders: @Cypher X(Jack VenoM) @Whodyanika Bolackov(John VenoM)

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