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  1. How much even is it? If it stops Scipio from being banned from something that wasn’t even RDM from our POV (didn’t save it since didn’t know there would be a problem), then I’ll just pay the comp for him.
  2. @bensiif it’ll resolve the situation, we’ll comp him.
  3. I'm not going to go through the effort to edit a screenshot phahaha. It's not RDM. Let's wait for an admin to respond because clearly this is a piss take.
  4. It couldn't have been. Look at the timestamp when I sent it into Discord. 22:43. Compare that to your video and you'll see it was taken during the situation ORRRR compare it to
  5. I took them and I didn't know there was a report going on until I saw this piss take of a post. I sent these screenshots during the situation. Here's the timestamp. It was to show Scipio I had eyes on Baccy We didn't save our POVs because we were in the right and couldn't have known you'd cry about it. Thought ya'll be a bit more mature.
  6. We kept eyes and when you took him into the building, I could see him through the window.
  7. tcoops

    Taylor Report

    Was still asleep then, don't see you on rn.
  8. tcoops

    Taylor Report

    I haven't seen the guy on all day and he hasn't attempted to contact [email protected]
  9. tcoops

    Taylor Report

    I didn’t get your messages. I’ll message you when I’m on tomorrow if I see you on.
  10. tcoops

    Taylor Report

    Didn't get your message, you messaged the wrong Taylor, there's another Taylor. What's your in-game name so I can message you.
  11. tcoops

    Police hellcat

    I'll still buy it lol.

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