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  1. bigdevv

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    are u on now
  2. bigdevv

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    i can do it now sorry my sleeping schedule is fucked @s1n
  3. nice men, but dont have a 12hour shift on ur birthday again
  4. bigdevv

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    What gear did u have
  5. bigdevv

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    i mean if u can get someone to look in logs i did chop a White ifrit with like the colored stripes but that wasnt his and yeah ofc i wanted to try to get in it i was driving a quilin @Charlie.this is me after when he messaged me about killing him back in my quilin
  6. bigdevv

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    https://gyazo.com/666004c4751cee57040e999db70775ee ifrit was locked u probs still have it hahaha stop crying
  7. bigdevv

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    Your ifrit was locked i have a recording of it we didnt take it
  8. bigdevv

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    I just looked back in my recording and i had nightvision on the whole time and assumed that he was driving in a white ifrit but i guess he didnt, ill comp for what he had @Charlie.but the thing what i dont understand is why he even came back there + he was hired with bw and talking to them the whole time he knew we were fighting
  9. bigdevv

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    Bro hahahahha u legit drove into me i was blocking u in so u would hit the wall and stop driving like what hahahaha Im not going to argue with u anymore till a admin deals with this situation
  10. bigdevv

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    but why do u come back just interferring again??? what were u gonna do there watch blackwater fight? no u were going to fight yourself and u know it, ill give comp if its really bothering u idc but just be honest with yourself, you were in the teamspeak channel talking to blackwater the whole time you know they were fighting there was no reason for u to come back other then help them and fight,

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