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  1. So you are going to take the comp yeah?
  2. To save admins the hassle i will just comp you, how much do you need?
  3. Pretty sure he meant to say it was invalid as in not giving enough time
  4. So Its fair enough that the first initiation was invalid, but i definitely gave you enough time to respond after that considering you continued to walk towards a backwater member with your gun out. Not sure if you just expected me to stand there and watch you shoot other blackwater members. You saying that i said i wasnt gonna comp you straight away is not true and i have gyazos of the chat for proof. Also it wasn't me that initiated.
  5. So what i was thinking is if there is 2 factions/gangs so for example Blackwater and Cypher that where both in the last 10 points before war zone ends there could be some sort of "challenge" where it would pick a point that Blackwater was holding and pick a point that Cypher was holding and then just get rid of all the other points(if one of the gangs/factions was holding more than one point it would randomise what one they would get) and a 10 minute timer would come up and whoever was holding the two points by the end of the timer would win the war zone. It would act as a sort of tie breaker for the two teams instead of one side just accepting defeat. I would also like to add that it would only be the 2 gangs/factions with the most amount of points by the end of the war zone taking part in this, but to make it fair on other gangs having a chance this "challenge" would only activate if the gang in 3rd place were 20 points behind 1st and 2nd. If by the end of this timer both points are being held by a different team the challenge would cancel out and the war zone win would be awarded to the team that got the most kills in the 10 minutes. Would Be good to hear what you guys think of this.
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