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  1. Can you do my MXM training sir?

    1. AJ..


      Hello Jesse sir! Yes sir, please connect to teamspeak and message MX SW god @STeFFeX and he will happily walk you through the test. 😎

    2. Vlad Vodka

      Vlad Vodka

      Thank you very much AJ sir i will do that sir!

  2. cant believe people think this is serious. Can’t people take jokes anymore hahahah
  3. i mean't ravepanda was memeing about spending £5000 on a PC...
  4. kos omk ‘worse frag videos’
  5. squeako man 😪 i can’t live in the past man 😪
  6. Not banned or anything, just don't think I'll make another as the game is declining pretty fast right now.
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