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  1. i'll get it to you in the afternoon if you are on
  2. at 2000 profile views i will be doing a spar 16 giveaway. just like this post to get involved. you have got to be in it to win it!

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    2. TeeZee


      i will draw the winner at 12 ama using a random number generator. i will be choosing the numbers in a descending order from the people who have liked the post. Good luck everyone!

    3. TeeZee





      Congratulations to our winner @Jedplease message me on discord or teamspeak when you are available to pick up your prize. I might do a Car 95 giveaway at 2500. So stay tuned!

    4. Jed


      Oh get in thank you son 

  3. do any other medics get nervous when they see someone from sinity or instinct die and you might have to revive them? my heart starts beating so fast i have to take a break after getting the rev

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    2. Black_water


      Glad to see someone standing up for not just themselves but other people in the arma coumminity. I'm not in medics but by golly I get this feeling when either of the gangs start contesting a cap zone

    3. TheSlav
    4. hazza


      Never seen a more true post on the reborn forums

  4. it only takes like 6 or 7 bullets to break the side window with a 6.5 if you hit it straight on. if you need any tips on how to aim my dms are always open
  5. TeeZee

    BW Arms dealer

    can we get an update on this one? it seems a fun idea that will bring more combat in a sensible way.
  6. this is definitely in my top 7 favourite montages on reborn.
  7. TeeZee


    You would have to initiate
  8. i hate when my favourite fraggers fight.

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    2. TeeZee


      fucking lavvvv itttttt

    3. Spacearmy73


      I sense a great war impending at the primary capture point tomorrow, countless gamers are about to die. May we all honour the gamers that have fallen before us and hope that the gamers tomorrow succeed in their countless battles in the next day.

    4. scott_


      sinity may make a guest appearance at cap

  9. @Jedyou are lucky you left blackwater, i don't know what side to join instinct or srt. i'll wait to see who get's more likes/turds on their comment before choosing a side
  10. if someone has a gun to your back, it doesn't matter if you're John Wick or Helen Keller. you should value your life and comply
  11. emotional times my anime brothers
  12. For people who can't help themselves and say things that lead to bans it would be a better option than restricting them from playing the game, but you would need to keep the phone messages in case they are involved in a rule violation and need to go TS
  13. look at all the love and support. how can you even think of retiring!!!

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