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  1. would be good if Blackwater command could make little checkpoints like this around drug dealers/processors instead of being confined to that one part of the map nobody goes to anymore
  2. She is very friendly and always makes me smile. I love when Blanche is on patrol because I know it is going to be action packed and full of mystery! Me and Jed had a right good roleplay with her a few nights ago and it was fun! We should do it again sometime
  3. name: tyler arma hours: 1000 steam profile: any nato, tfu or sinity leaders steam friend list reborn profile: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/12578-teezee/ reborn hour: 1000 times on cap kill zone leaderboard: 4 discord: teezee#1842 teamspeak security level: 50 why have intrest in joining: i hate cypher, they kick me before i can get selfie with new skin what skills and tricks can you offered: lots of money for leaders cqc train hours: 50 frag, 50 gopnik 100 tfu a and d bank balance: 90 million
  4. image.thumb.png.dc7df815ad3a6ac17ad3ac4e62122b6e.png





    pictures from my reborn journey :-) thanks to everyone who has believed in me


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    2. flixxx


      glad to see how far you have come!

    3. TeeZee


      thanks brother. sorry matt i have to show the quad fed bro


    4. Matt_Kirby69


      omg you have got to be joking you actually took a screenshot of that hahahahahaha

  5. big crazed with big plays
  6. shout out to big oscar dropping the century. one love

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