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  1. Jed

    i would clobber u if we did this 


  2. go on Scott lad, definitely an all time great reborn montage.
  3. TeeZee

    Price Buff

    Everything should be viable to some degree on the island, and the art isn't. So +1 make it worth doing
  4. woops me on the way to leech your popularity 

    1. Fahar


      @Wallace reminds you of today???

  5. Jed

    yo bro 

    1. TeeZee


      happening lad. heard it might be half price soon

    2. Jed
  6. i hate when randos try to leech off my popularity and comment on my profile. If you haven't got fat rep on the forums, a gang base, or a sick frag montage stay in your lane.

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    2. okzoomer
    3. crazed


      kinda weird how flix knows hes never getting unbanned yet still goes on forums everyday

    4. okzoomer


      do you sleep with your eyes open?

  7. 10 days left for someone to donate £23.10. Getting nervous. Hopefully we get half price

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    2. Luke Wilson

      Luke Wilson

      @Dodorexcalled me a big idiot. Gonna cry now

    3. Dodorex


      Well i would call u other stuff but id get banned

    4. Luke Wilson
  8. you're all bad and would rage quit vs me in a 1v1 race to 10 on OG CQC

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