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  1. me, jed, andrewfam and a couple of the other relevant names of the community in the snapchat group discussing the current playercount. was never like this back in the glory days

  2. reporting me to police command won't get you to 2k forum rep. nobodies

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    2. TeeZee


      @BosnianPatriotLarry i forget who it was because of how irrelevant they were

    3. Jed


      sorry bro it was me i wanted to get up police commands arse x @TeeZee

    4. TeeZee


      i knew it was you @Jed absolute pellet of a boy

  3. 20211018175434_1.thumb.jpg.d173bf2b42f9e4ccfe8b211dfadd2757.jpg

    honoured to be selected as part of the team who got paradropped from the xian on the server. can't wait for my next roleplaytacular experience

  4. i can really feel my roleplay coming along nicely over the past few days

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