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  1. They stop people like you getting in and ruining the reputation of the gang #NoKidsAllowed
  2. Bad news guys, baby shark meet up will have to be re arranged for Saturday 5PM GMT
  3. Good luck, trash fraggers, RDM'rs and smelly kids. Much love Papito Richard
  4. BABY SHARK MEETUP! Calling on all Baby Shark song lovers, Altis' first EVER Baby Shark meet up will be happening on Friday 17th May at 9pm GMT Agios! All are welcome to come and join us during this very special night! Events To take part in the night's events you will need to have your Baby Shark Memorabilia (VAN) and pay the admission fee of £100 to take part! - Convoy displaying our love for baby shark through kav Square (The convoy will start in Kav and finish in Agios starting the meet up) - Running race - Rap Battle (MUST INCORPORATE LYRICS FROM BABY SHARK!) - Singing competition (Baby shark song only) - Hide n Seek! Children are not welcome to take part in the event, this is for adults only, due to the nature of some participants in the Rap Battle! If you wish to take part in the events please list below! This event is sponsored and organised by Mayoral Candidate Richard Jones! If you wish to see our community prosper and Altis become the jewel of tourism and power in the Mediterranean then Vote Richard Jones! Event Organiser, Richard Jones! You are required to bring the Shark van to take part in any of the events!
  5. I could get 2 Cyrus's for 1.5 Mill, so I could offer you 1.2 mill
  6. lol I'm good at that price
  7. Richard Jones


    +1 What actually reason does Police have for capping zones? They don't have any risk at all of losing gear cause they get it for free, where as Blackwater (Granted its reduced loads) and rebels have to pay for gear. Police literally have no loss factor, they can just spawn back get geared for free and run straight back into the fire, whereas rebels have to re-spawn journey to the ends of the earth, risk life and limb getting geared in case any pesky bois are camping and then have to get back into the fight. How is this fair? I get that police would try and stop the rebel activity, but technically capping the zone is a rebel activity in it self? There are members of the police force that are using the excuse of the new rule change to join gangs and take part in rebel activity in gangs, because they missed Gang Wars. That's a separate topic, but that needs clearing up too. Literally started 4 days ago and doing better than gangs that have been going longer. A full MK1 loadout actually costs money, how much does the Police loadout cost my guy? You guys literally practically only pay for the food and the other virtual inventory. Don't get me wrong this server is the best at what it does, but on other servers they actually charge the police for guns and gear to curve them from just charging into battle like absolute madmen.
  8. @Michael ConnollyI will be on TS tonight at around 7 GMT in BIOS Liaison. I will only resolve this with your friend as he was the one that got killed, depending on how your attitude and reasoning is I might be willing to comp your friend even though he was revived by medics and got sent to prison by a PCSO on orders of Albiston. If your friend doesn't turn up anytime between 7pm and 12am GMT I will automatically assume that you were doing this for a witch hunt and yet again not willing to resolve. Otherwise this is your final chance to actually try and resolve this even though he resolved it himself. Hope to see you.
  9. Unfortunately the video also doesn't show that I did offer him comp to which he refused. https://imgur.com/9eveVTf https://imgur.com/rDSmt2G He doesn't want comp, which I did offer him. On multiple times even after it happened. If possible can you post the full video length that shows me offering comp and him refusing please? We were in an active situation with the police, which end up just being a big mess for all those involved, rebel wise, being comped by Banjo Jo. Once the situation was done I hopped into public channel echo and waited and waited, and then left once it became obvious players involved weren't joining so I headed back in to BIOS Room 1 to do some cap zones with my gang. Once I was downed I decided to hop back onto TS to see if they were active and I noticed the messages, I replied back stating that he declined the offer of comp, which I offered him twice. The first time not long after the video is cut and then again when he kept asking me to go to his public channel, which I couldn't do to being in a active situation. Your friend denied the offer of comp and said he didn't care anymore, to me the situation was completed. He didn't want comp nor did he wish to sort it anymore, he sorted this himself with "anyway idc about this anymore mate". May I also point out that you were still on comms about the situation even though I personally seized them? Only the naked hobo, George, kept his comms. @Conner Davidwas present during the seizing of comms.
  10. Damn you look like a snack hun xoxox

  11. I first put this idea across to members in my gang and see what they thought and we all thought it was a good idea so here goes. Basic premise of it is that when you search a player there should be a key chain with all the keys they have been given, allowing the person searching to take a key or the key chain and add it to their own. This would make situations in which you are asking players to give their keys for a car or such and they refuse easier, instead of having to waste an extra 15 minutes trying to get them to give you keys. You would obviously need to state that you want the keys and they can either give you them or you take them forcefully. I also think this would give cops an extra charge to give people, for example if they don't have a key and they have been caught driving it, they can be charged with Grand Theft Auto with the obvious proof being that it's not registered to them and they have no keys on their chain. To be able to actually get the keys the player would have to search them first to see if they are actually carrying a key chain or just the key and then they would be able to access the keys. Either that or add a special skill in the talent system that would allow players to get keys; - Tier 1: Able to see visible keys in backpacks - Tier 2: Able to take a key - Tier 3: Able to take multiple keys - Tier 4: Able to take house Keys Something like this, but obviously open to change. Obviously the guy taking a house key wouldn't know the location, unless they are robbing you outside, so generally houses would be kinda safe. You would lose keys once you log off, as you would with other keys that aren't yours.
  12. -1 Literally better to buy your own cars, regardless if you want another person in the gangs car. It adds a sense of accomplishment when you are finally able to buy the car you have worked for, just like in real life. This is after all a roleplay server. If the owner has pulled it out of his/her garage and checked give gang keys, then you wont have to worry; you'll still have access even if they are offline. Just buy a gang house and then you can all pull out your own separate cars. You do also realise you don't need the leader to be on right to do any of these?
  13. I use the bus system so much, never use the speed limiter though, mostly cause I like the speed

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