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  1. as from the video its clearly seen u DPI glitching @LUKERthere for i will take action report accepted ban issued (i have shown the video to 2 other admins and they agree with me that his is DPI)
  2. @sammer18its urs contact me if u in game
  3. @sammer18if alex doesnt re-spawned before 8pm restarted its urs
  4. its urs if u still whant it
  5. report accepted 24h ban issued
  6. Big-Kev

    4x asp

    yours @Jacobobcontact me on ts
  7. Item: house across casino in kav Proof of ownership:https://gyazo.com/6bc0c8446c7dfe246448b5baee1aa67b Buy now price: 5m Starting bid:1m Minimum bid increment:250k End date:5-5-19
  8. Big-Kev

    4x asp

    Item: 4x asp 11 mags Proof of ownership https://gyazo.com/42f06db371654d5a18e35bbf22430ea7 https://gyazo.com/4b8468ccec8ceec26399b25a02950074 Buy now price:5m Starting bid:1.5m Minimum bid increment:500k End date:5-5-19
  9. Item: BW humming bird Proof of ownership:https://gyazo.com/b85fa3729b5f91768e6d75a19030624b Buy now price: 3m Starting bid:750k Minimum bid increment:250k End date:5-5-19
  10. will give gomezstriker 24h to respond
  11. player is currently baned for 24h for the same situation report denied
  12. report accepted 24h ban issued
  13. happy b day mate


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