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  1. Big-Kev

    i wil not class it as rdm more like poor RP report accepted ban issued
  2. Big-Kev

    oke @Brettreport denied resolvd
  3. Big-Kev

    @Ching Wongcan u resend the vid pleas
  4. Big-Kev

    @Shaniquaas so far no reaqtion for the guys so as far i dont see combat logging i see rdm ther for dimitri wil get a ban report ACCEPTED
  5. Big-Kev

  6. Big-Kev

    player has been compt
  7. Big-Kev

    @Flixare u accepting the comp @aksuis offering
  8. Big-Kev

    wil give @ kamqr 24h to respond
  9. Big-Kev

    wil give @asku some time to respond( @iTopiczcan u tag asku or spreak for him)
  10. Big-Kev

    wil give @[email protected] @amen some time to respond
  11. Big-Kev

    wil give @i9s some time to reply @Eukado u have a vid of u downing him etc?
  12. Big-Kev

    player is curently perm band
  13. Big-Kev

    report accepted ban isseud
  14. Big-Kev

    @Red_Thiefdid u talk to him?
  15. Big-Kev

    report accepted ban issued

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