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  1. Name: Sunny Age: 15 Country: UK Hours: 1k+ Bank Account: 2 mil but have expensive vehicles Previous Gangs: Red Barons, TF141 Why do you want to join our gang: I would like to join because I have plans to start my YouTube channel up again and I would like to do it with a decent gang. Vouches: SnowB
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    In-game name: Sunny Steam ID: 76561198395206571 Date of ban: 06/29/20 Reason for ban: I was banned from Exploiting. I asked for a Police Vehicle in Dm's. Staff member that banned you: Albiston Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I think the ban was deserved and it was a stupid decision by myself. I enjoy playing on this server and wish to keep playing here on Reborn Roleplay. I have never been banned before and always follow rules to my best ability and wish for a second chance after this stupid mistake. Why should we unban you? I wish to be unbanned because I enjoy playing on this server and love roleplaying with this community and I have great memory's here and wish to make loads more in the future. I have never been banned as I said and this is my first ever offense and I regret it. I think i should be unbanned also because I don't break rules and listen to what the staff team has to say and respect their decision. I have no intention to repeat what I did again and this is a good lesson learnt. I have been in this community a Year today and I would hate to be banned from such a wonderful server as I enjoy playing here. Evidence: I seen an advert in the channels as the picture shows bellow. https://ibb.co/vvb2GVq the advert was posted at 12:51 so after seeing this I contact him as shown in the image bellow. https://ibb.co/V2GbzKX This message was at 13:21
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