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  1. @Kev. @crazed can i have you both on teamspeak when available to resolve this.
  2. @crazed ill give u 24 hours to respond.
  3. it aint banned, some are banned.
  4. Oscar

    brad[SRT] Report

    Okay i can see its not your fault @Brad_. Just refrain from doing this again because it seems to lag alot. I understand why @Cheesecake reported this and he had every reason to. This is arma it can be really buggy, since cheesecake is a police officer he doesnt really need comp due to free gear i will close this report and deny it. Just watch out about doing this again as this is a very laggy move in the game. @Cheesecake if u have anything against my decision then i ask u to come talk to me on teamspeak and i shall explain further. report closed.
  5. Fenrir Fenrir the son of loki ROSTER -Requirements- -Must have atleast 1000hrs on arma (exceptions can be made) -Must be 16 years of age to join -Must speak fluent english -Must be financially stable -Must be active Template: Name: Previous gangs: Hours on arma: Bank balance: Why do you want to join Fenrir: Vouchers:
  6. That is indeed DPI. Ill give the reported some time to respond
  7. Oscar

    brad[SRT] Report

    @Brad_ I can see you are in the jumping animation but im not saying its bangable but u can stick ur gun trough the wall and shoot him like that, you understand?
  8. Oscar

    brad[SRT] Report

    @Brad_ Its not that you are inside the pipe its the way u kill him. On his screen it looks like you kill him trough the pipe, with your gun sticking out the other side. Did you jump out on your screen?
  9. Oscar

    brad[SRT] Report

    ill give the reported some time to respond
  10. Oscar

    crazed Report

    This is accidental, you cant really turn a hellcat away that quick, its horrible to fly. Report denied.
  11. Oscar

    crazed Report

    This does look accidental, its an hellcat, not really the most manuverable helicopter. If u look closely the helicopter blade of the hellcat hits your helicopter. @crazed care to explain your side?
  12. shout out to big oscar dropping the century. one love

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