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  1. Hey i wanna keep this short as this isnt that big but its pretty easy to implement i believe. Being able to rename my house or gang house or warehouse to our own names instead of "Stone house white". for example if anyone has 2 houses, 1 for guns and 1 for drugs or something he could know which one is what :Þ thanks.
  2. half price lets go boys

  3. if i run for president i tend to get rid of all toxic people, thanks. vote me

    1. Albiston


      Looks like they are staying because we don’t have a president 😂

    2. Oscar Onfroy

      Oscar Onfroy

      @Albiston tell elizabeth im coming for her, time for a change lad

  4. +1
  5. There is no progression in this, the point is you start with nothing and then move up on the server. Its fair that you have to travel to kavala or wherever u wanna buy it and buy it there. It just makes everything too easy. And this server is easy already. stop being lazy! -1
  6. I dont like the idea and i think that if this gets implamented which is not very likely, i think there should be a way to counter it aswell.
  7. i think storing money should not be interrupted that way -1
  8. Then u could just put drugs in and make your loadout really cheap, and then just spawn in drugs -1 just buy your Y-menu stuff it takes 30 seconds

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