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  1. Name: Herb Ease Age : 24 Hours on Arma ( Screenshot required ) : https://ibb.co/JqHzwVG (i dont have 1000's of hours, but i'm not shit..) Bank balance ( Screenshot required) : https://ibb.co/zVJxWdy Fluent English ( Yes/No ) : Yes Previous gangs : Police (INS, Team Lead NCA) Can anyone vouch for you : Most people in the police haha Discord? : Yes
  2. what the fuck ahaha
  3. I think people just need to relax on the reports, it’s killing the server population.
  4. Why is the entire report page just full of Morrison’s? It’s a bit ridiculous, I’m in the Police and haven’t had an issue with RDM/Poor RP. You can clearly see that they are doing their best to revive rebel life on the server. Personally I think people are going out of their way to bait reports on them, it’s stupid. They’re gonna eventually all end up banned and there will be no one doing banks or APD, just hobos doing gas stations, or Cringe (lul) trying to win fights. Lets be honest, without Morrison’s rebel life is going to die. Again. Before anyone says I want to get in to their gang blah blah blah. Im in the police, I can’t or don’t want to play as rebel 🙄
  5. Herb ease


    Moved to Altis chat.
  6. It wasn't exactly a massive error though was it? i mean many people including myself scratched them for 6+ hours and won a maximum of 500k. The scratch card situation definitely filled the server, it hasn't been full since has it? no ones wants to play after having their money for gear and weapons etc taken away. The whole system was based on pure luck and people scratched hundreds and hundreds of cards to win, some scratched 10, some scratched 50, etc. It's a system based on chance, it was always going to pay out eventually. personally i scratched around 650 scratch cards and won nothing, you can't blame people for standing in the market and spending their money to try and make money. it's just a bad move in general and i know lots of people are pissed about it.
  7. I heard that admins or whoever is taking money that people won on scratch cards? Personally I think this is a silly idea. On the release of the scratch cards last night, the server was full and everyone was loving it, people made some money and were looking forward to playing and being able to afford top level gear and vehicles etc. Stripping this money away from people who won it fairly on a system that was deemed FINE and TESTED (7500 times) is completely wrong and is just taking away people’s incentive to log in to the server. Also, some people are going into minus cash apparently? Who is gonna want to grind runs etc out to make the balance back to zero? I just think it’s such a bad idea and genuinely a server killing move. But still, they shouldn’t be punishing people that won fairly and bought the scratch cards with their own money. It’s unfair and wrong, you shouldn’t punish the community for your own wrong doing. Just my opinion, if you agree with this please react with a 👍🏻, if you disagree please react with a 👎🏻 I’m interested to see peoples views.
  8. Just FYI at everyone crying for no combat stance, it was pre agreed to just meme the guy. relax you hardcore pro gamers
  9. One of the best medics/roleplayers in the server

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