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  1. I heard @KingOfNeptune also loves K pop

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    2. KingOfNeptune


      its funny how u believe it ...

    3. Paul D

      Paul D

      it wouldn't surprise me.

    4. KingOfNeptune


      is that meant to be a joke? ok ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Killua!


    Wrong system sorry
  3. Killua!


    Yeh ur getting reported bye
  4. Killua!


    ur a bully and deserve outted
  5. Killua!


    Deny me pls. Making my own gang Who are I talking too. Ur the kinda kid to like goku lol
  6. I can already guess ur favourite Anime. And it’s not good :(

    1. Anton


      No, just chose an anime character doesn't really know about it
  7. Why’s everyone so detective lol. I can’t even. Say hi without being bullie

  8. Killua!


    I’m not being discrimination against him tho. He’s a furfag because likes it
  9. Killua!


    HI! if I go around and call my friend a Furfag, would I be banned. we're both furry and we use it as a inside joke
  10. Killua!


    Name: Killua Why do you want to join: I want to find some new friends, maybe more, I wanna do runs and stop robbers and then rob myself XD Hours on arma [Screenshot proof]: just over 500. check previous app Do you know bank callouts: Yes. Vault, Doors, Hill etc Do you have good callouts in general: Yes Very Money in bank [Roughly]: just over 500k
  11. Killua!


    In game name: killua Age: 23 Bank account balance: 900k Previous gangs: None Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot:https://gyazo.com/e8b680f06f8146cd42fefdc502660c14 Why do you want to join Assent? I want a gang to play with and find new friends, maybe more ❤️ xd. If u like funny people and a good combatant military man then im ur choice xxx Can any members vouch for you? Proximity, idk him personally but it sounds like a furry name so hopefully he'll say YES
  12. Report post Posted February 7, 2017 This forum is for you free agents that are looking for a gang, post some basic info like below and gangs can approach you. Ingame name : Killua Hours on arma: 30 Roleplay skill: 9/10 - I love rp and its something that I do online and irl, I think id be a good addition to team! About you: I'm a furry and I love it. Im 23, from Glasgow Scotland and I am so friendly. My real life name Mohammed RP background: The Days came too it, I flew and I flew to my hearts content, before finding Altis. I met Skylander, the Artic Wolf and he taught me the ways. What sort of gang are you interested in?: I love to fight and to act. Im good it all!

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