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    In-game Name: cursing Steam ID: 76561198440990811 Date of the incident: 05/16/19 Time of the incident: 2:50 gmt +2 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: hemt box full of weed and items , 1.4 mil + 300k gear ... Please provide as much detail as possible: i was the 2nd hemt box beside with oldjohn , he got already comp , i tried also to comp from ts but they didnt.. they forgot about me i guess xD we lost items because reviving from admin didn't worked for all of us.. Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmGqNyjPlfU&feature=youtu.be
  2. I was the one with spar, but you forget about the otal items I have lost, we didn't lost only weapons we lost attachments vests etc.. Doesn't matter we do not want comp anymore, it's not worth as punishment and one day players must learn to role play on the server, they have to understand its not deathmatch or pvp and to do that hard punishments is a MUST
  3. In that case we do not want any comp since we lost total 200 +k each of us. Small amount and not worth as punishment..
  4. Its not necessary but its recommended to avoid and fix problems faster, still your aditude was not giving us the option to comp with you, you was joking with us and once I told you if you shoot through the wall one of you said yes and the other lied about shooting from the roof.. And keep telling non sence things 😂 My group asking for comp 3 million, if you agree that's okay if you don't I will leave your punishment at the staff
  5. First of all even if was 7 secs.. Its enough for you to comply? Are you robocop? Haha 2nd you was talking from OUTSIDE the warehouse your voice was not clear enough and we didn't give much attention because one of your friends was at the door trying to talk to us.. 3rd.. How the hell you know our exact location and you shoot us through walls with very high accuracy? Even my friend that was prone died like you was in 1 feet of him haha you did lot of mistakes and you are wrong..
  6. In-game name: cursing Name of the player(s) you are reporting: owl , Darkson Date of the incident: 05/15/19 Time of the incident: 2:00 gtm +2 What rule do you believe was broken: poor role plays and rushed initation.. also they shoot through walls? xD Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9NVR2DK59o Describe the incident: we was inside the warehouse, we heard one guy saying "guys at the warehouse hands up or we will shoot " few sec later we all died and we could not see any of them.. they were shooting through the walls.. and not the roof they claim because they had no time to go up there so fast and then come down once they killed us.. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  7. my friend doesn't have any video, his GeForce program was not recording due to bug of the software... but on my video You can clearly hear our voices on discord saying "oh " this is when my friend understand that he wanted to rob him and after exactly 5 sec both of us was dead.. i was not pointing at anyone and my freind had no time to stop and get out.. 5 secs for stop is not possible at all , check video its not hard to see whats exactly the problem or when my friend hear this guy .. he literally said one word gave him 5 sec and kill my friend and me instant 0:13 my friend said " oh " on discord , this is the moment he realized he wanted to rob him and at 0:16 we was dead..
  8. i was pointing at the FLOOR can you see that or not? once you get out of heli gun come out it self anyone has a gun out after getting out of the heli or cars..
  9. initiated you mean saying one word on a pilot with egines on and then shoot to kill ? also what exactly you said on me and you have the right to kill me? nothing? check the video , we are willing to comp if you give us back our heli and items. or we will keep the report at the hands of the staff your whole initiation was less than 5 sec at my friend on heli and he could not hear you engines was ON! you could shoot on the air or at heli and not shoot to kill , also like i said your mate killed me without any form of RP ,i was not pointed at him , i just wanted to ask for help and he killed me
  10. In-game name: cursing Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Lesan Smith , ssenniuGcMnhoJ Date of the incident: 05/12/19 Time of the incident: 11:50 PM gmt +2 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaRExrtkiZk&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: we was at airport , and they killed us , as you can see on video you can't hear any role play or any message, they just killed us and we lost our heli ( they chop it )+ items, tried to comp with them no luck , so here I'm ... Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. cursing

    josh Report

    well i don't have it , maybe if i will upload high-quality video and not riped to 720p the music sound will be less distracting but I'm not 100% sure.. well he just told me hands up , and after that, he told me he will kill me because i crashed my car over him , that's all only few words nothing more.. probably did the same into the other player too but since none is reporting all players keep doing such things in game... before few mins i was flying high AROUND kavala and one guy was shooting at me just for fun... almost crashed my heli but he is very lucky because i didn't die so i can see hes name..anyway.. I do not have clear his voice on video.. i will never use music again sorry about it.. but i have one video 2 mins before low RP , he was at garage he VDM me like 2 times.. the first time i didn't say anything and started recording but once i was at my feet he vdm me again... after that he toke his car move a little outside safe zone and killed the guy you see on my videos, once i was leaving with my own car i had my map open and I crashed on him, after that i stopped asked sorry and you know the rest.. So this guy killed 2 ppl in 2 mins , and VDM me 2 times , is the same person because if you see close he use the same weapon and suit and also the same car... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNQf_GikINQ&feature=youtu.be
  12. cursing

    josh Report

    In-game name: cursing Name of the player(s) you are reporting: josh Date of the incident: 12/04/19 Time of the incident: 1:00 pm gmt +2 What rule do you believe was broken: low quality role play Any evidence available: Describe the incident: i just hit this guy with the car i had my map open , i stoped to ask sorry and help him , and the rest on the video follows... just he kill me and one more guy before me ( body was on the road ) Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. THIS IS ROLEPLAY server or ? the community is very bad no one is doing quality role play... they kill you for nothing, maybe we need to start reporting low-quality RP... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PZL_25oqes&feature=youtu.be sorry about the music on video , i didnt know the program record the youtube also

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