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  1. Yeah I've claimed I'd pay more attention by having me earplugs volume higher and checking both sides of the roas before pulling a vehicle out. I can assure you it won't happen again.
  2. My garage is on the road I literally have apologised to people that have driven into whatever I pullout. It's literally a garage on the road there's nothing I can do to prevent it.
  3. I usually spawn inside it and just spawn in a van or whatever instsnantly. Next time I'll go on the road and ensure no vehicles are coming before I pull anything out.
  4. Mate like 7 members of my gang have access to that garage how do you know it was me that did it 3 times mate. I only ever pulled out a black van once which was in that gyazo.
  5. 1) You never told me to come to any sort of liason mate so please don't try to say you resolved big man. 2) It's not my fault if I pulled out a van as soon as you're driving past, it's a garage technically speaking I can pullout a vehicle whenever I want.
  6. Had enough of your logic, I feel like I'm slowly losing brain cells. I will allow the admins to deal with this as you seem to have woken up on the wrong side of bed this morning.
  7. Mate it may be VDM in your eyes sitting there in the passenger seat but I came to go on the left lane AS you sped up which meant I swerved into you. There's only SO MUCH I can do to make you understand what I'm trying to say.
  8. It damn right isn't intentional VDM but it could easily be accidental VDM as I didn't intend for me to RAM you and you DIE. I intended to go onto the left lane and over take the offroad infront of me while holding you back behind me however you sped up at the wrong time mate which caused me to swerve into you. Damn I'm surprised you don't understand basic vehicle physics.
  9. I don't care if you're pissed off or not I tried to resolve and you keep saying "nah im reporting", I'm not saying that you need to resolve it's just that you and your group of friends were extremely toxic towards me calling me stupid and all that. I came to go left to go infront of you and you guys sped up to match my speed which caused a COLLISION. My friend this is a car accident. I think you have the weak mindset that automatically forwards all car accidents to a VDM. Also you weren't even the one driving mate so you wouldn't see if the car was desyncing or what, so please I'd like to see a PoV from the driver as @Charlie Thomasmentioned, thank you.
  10. My objective wasn't to VDM you or attempt to kill you in anyway. I had a hobo in my passenger seat telling me that the officers took his offroad so I was pursuiting those officers while stopping you from passing me. I was stopping you from over taking me however your mental capability seems to be capped and you keep thinking its okay to keep speeding up on the OPPOSITE side of the road without sirens or anything. At the end I lost control and swerved to the left, I wasn't ramming into you on purpose. Even a higher up came to resolve and you were constantly being rude to him, honestly Ziffy you're one of a kind.
  11. Yeah I think we should all see what happened after that. Ziffy told them to tell me "Step out without a weapin or you'll be shot" while they spray at me kek.. And after I come to TS they start calling me stupid and raging bcuz they couldn't make it to the HM. After the incident I stopped to get out and was sprayed at by his "friends"
  12. I recall aiming directly at you mate, when I was aiming up I was shooting at a taru. After that I aimed back down then killed you, I know you're salty you lost your mk1 loadout.
  13. I like how everytime we kill you, you come back to this thread and shitpost.

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