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  1. oh sorry I’m not a hardcore role player like you man. Never touched this server, only play olympus, and come visit these forums every now and then
  2. Not only was that kill 90% luck with no ADS but also imagine recording a whiff on a cqc server to hold it against somebody. n1 btw
  3. uhh I’m sitting in this airport in Portugal and I see the entire dutch soccer/football team, took a picture with Virgil van dijk wtf

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    2. Silker


      I went with fake tickets and got banged by the police and the amount of people doing that was unbelievable we just watched it in a bar in madrid and I take it your not scouser either 

    3. indian


      that’s actually funny as shit, unlucky you got caught, I counted up to 3 empty seats  somewhat close to me in section 327 so I’m sure you would’ve been able to find an open seat if you got in

    4. Silker


      Yeah there was no chance I was getting in me and all the empty seats where them fucking corporate shite

  4. indian

    ..S.. 9

    oh shit where you going? coming to US, the superior country? haha
  5. indian

    ..S.. 9

    good shit is this “2 month break” being administered by yourself or parents lol
  6. I’ll have the ping advantage for once as well
  7. I will gladly be the first American in the gang
  8. how are fights here?

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    2. nomadox


      fights are nice if u have money

    3. Sloth


      No, I only played with the Connor that was cheating for a bit who ended up joining prime every now and then. This is before he got cheats though.

    4. Cozza


      Fights are good if you have enough money to continuously fight 

  9. indian

    good cartel gangs

    anyone have a quick rundown of gangs that don’t suck ass that fight cartels? Don’t know where to apply.

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