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    It creates such an unfair advantage to the majority of people... But for 5M I wouldn't mind as it would indeed drain the economy a bit from the really rich people.. Another thing that I was thinking was maybe making an event for obtaining them once a week.. Maybe something like "The UK government has prototyped space suits and that they need to be transported down from Kavala PD to a blackwater base, the Altis Police Department and all Blackwater employees have been instructed to take all precautions necessary to avoid these suits being robbed as they hold incredible power, they must work together to ensure the trucks get from A to B" .. Have 3 decoy trucks and 1 real truck,
  2. Not angry Just replying to your comment
  3. It's a game.. Cops don't get good paychecks whatsover but in turn get free gear.. It'd take us months to achieve a rank to pull these out, were you do a run or two and get one permanently* with a mk1 loadout with 0 restrictions... After years the devs in the server how found ways to balance the whole cops vs robbers thing....
  4. Happy birthday dude have a good one!

  5. I use this https://www.allkeyshop.com/, because it has most resellers that you listed and finds the cheapest one.. Humble bundle is great but shit when you're buying a single game in my opinion
  6. That's what I always thought and have seen for a very long time since tazing isn't a direct endangerment to your life. Could we get some clarification on the matter @PaulS on when this is permitted, if at all?
  7. @Alex GavinWhy tf aren't you a squeeker no more?!!?!?!?

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    2. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Please turn back into a mouse x

    3. andrew.


      Exams in treee weeks :(

    4. ^Ryyyy


      Tree weeks 

  8. In-game name: Brian Duncan Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Robert Rosso & Sebastian Rosso Date of the incident: 02/06/19 Time of the incident: 19:45 What rule do you believe was broken: 6.1 RDM is when someone kills another without any form of roleplay, ie someone shoots someone without a single word said. (We let them go) Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/-PUFuFCAgAQ Describe the incident: So we were at Topolia on Business and some guys showed up.. We thought it was the ones who robbed my friend earlier but as you can see on the video it wasn't. I was forced to kill one guy as he didn't want to comply and I gave him plenty of time to comply before spraying him. After the deed was done he was being very salty so I finished him off... After we decided to let the other guys go as they were apparently new.. next thing my friend gets shot (I suspect that one of them lag switched but I have no proof).. Next thing I have to fend for myself as there was 2 of them... I got completely rekt. I asked on direct chat to resolve, then afterwards on side chat as some other dude was accusing Sebastian of lag switch but they didn't respond. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  9. Brian Duncan

    Reborn +?

    It was Noms and @Scott McTavish

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