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  1. Brian Duncan


    "only" 😂 I'd be happy if anyone even gave me a 10er
  2. Nice wan gamer

  3. Happy birthday Snitzle/Snizzle

  4. In-game name: Brian Duncan Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Elemoka Date of the incident: 06/07/19 Time of the incident: Around 14:05 What rule do you believe was broken: 6.1 - Random death match as he shot even though we initiated on tyres I also believe he was using third party cheats for aim locking Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/uts_pFOH0jk Describe the incident: I was in a patrol with a CSO and a PC... I was expalining some common rules with them when we came across a very highly wanted guy (A big surprise as you can see in the video) when we decide to chase him... We chase him and he steps out pretty quick into his vehicle as my PC is initiating on his tyres... We get immediately shot even though we initiated on his tyres... I asked him to resolve but he did not message me back Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  5. Brian Duncan


    A little more realism would be initiating lethally on all armed rebels 😂
  6. Rage quit on a 1v1 CQC with 1.5M on the line... Not cool bro 😓

    1. Benjaminn


      You've got yellow teeth get off me timeline

  7. Recoil.exe missing (N1 dude I really done know how you do it!)
  8. It'd be a bit OP don't ya think 🙄
  9. The game is as fun and you make it. If all you do is runs on your own then expect to get robbed and having no way of defending yourself. I suggest you join Blackwater or Police to make yourself contacts to play with or even if you go to Kav square and meet people, don't trust them straight away so do small things with them to gain eachothers trust.
  10. I heard @KingOfNeptune also loves K pop

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    2. KingOfNeptune


      its funny how u believe it ...

    3. Paul D

      Paul D

      it wouldn't surprise me.

    4. KingOfNeptune


      is that meant to be a joke? ok ha ha ha ha ha

  11. Congratulations on community support buddy!

  12. Congrats on support gamer! o7

  13. Friendly reminder: I just clicked a link that looked exactly like a youtube link except it had a small mark over the o.. Watch out when you're sent links as it's very easy to get DDOS'd afterwards.. If you feel like you'd be a target for DDOS I recommend ringing your ISP and ask for an IP change

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    2. Daniel


      @Brian DuncanThe guy is perm banned from TS so dw

    3. Omligon


      @DanielHe will still have the IP's tho

    4. Daniel

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