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  1. Happy birthday, have a good day🎉

  2. Happy 20th Birthday , Enjoy ur Day ❤️

  3. happy bday my friend <3

    1. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Thanks bro hope you doing good

  4. Brian Duncan

    +1 bro
  5. Brian Duncan

    Would ruin the whole point of ARU but I totally understand. I had an idea for the epipen where it would only keep you alive for 5 - 10 mins and you go down again, but it should be enough time to be rushed to a hospital where you can receive "professional treatment"
  6. Brian Duncan

    I come from BF1942, BF2, BF2142 era. Game was never 'realistic' till it hit BFBC and I stopped playing when BF2 got shut down, revived and then back down. (I began gaming since I was about 2 years old from cereal box games, bugs bunny lost in time -> Quake 2 -> Age of Empires -> BF1942 -> BF2)😁 Nevertheless they were amazing games and most battlefields still are but I can't wrap my head around this ongoing BF debate as it doesn't affect the gameplay... My grandfather fought in WWII for the U.S army, being and Irish man who lied about being protestant to escape old Ireland, where it was only fields with poverty (He was born in 1914) . He emigrated to the UK for a year and then emigrated to the US for a better future. Is it a big fuck you to him? No it isn't. With that logic the real big fuck you to him is that we entertain ourselves by emulating the horrors they had to live.. Regardless, we are a new generation and I highly doubt any vets care about a game involving women in WW2 instead only some of us 15-30 year olds who's guardians/parents most likely weren't even born by then. My mentality is that history is history, if you weren't in it, or involved in it then don't take pride from it as you didn't do anything at all for the cause and let those who were involved have all the pride. ✌️
  7. Brian Duncan

    I find it very silly
  8. Brian Duncan

    If you want realism don't play Battlefield lol
  9. Brian Duncan

    10/10 would cum on him again.. wooot I meant come.. as in I would love him.. I swear..
  10. Brian Duncan

    I remember I used to ask for the lawyer's driving license (now there is an ID card) to commence with since a lawyer can't have any legal issues. 9/10 times that'd work to get rid of them 😂
  11. Brian Duncan

  12. Brian Duncan

    Great idea, I've never taken part in GB wars but I think it should be high risk high reward (Getting GB) ... Now Kappa's recommendation is next level +1 ^
  13. Brian Duncan

    Here is a follow and like for free NOW WHERE IS MY PRIZE

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