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  1. the name says it all by itself, the reason behind this is because some people have no brain cells and hold down the buttons at a heli and the sound it makes is irritating but you get a shit ton of pop-ups for no reason, so if that would just be restricted a bit would be lovely
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    Reborn | eXe

    2:23 killing hazza look out gonna be banned for exploiting
  3. Fahar

    40 mil giveaway

    Hey mate, it's you pal Fahar here. It's really sad to see you go mate, we had some nice times, doing LSD runs every single morning, calling each other different words but always having a lot of fun. Of course, there were some sparks here and there but you know, as you say everything needs to be seen in a friendship. The amount of times you told me you will ban me for being toxic I can't even count, but you didn't which is why I am happy! We have had multiple times that where our teamwork went so good, we wrecked an entire gang/group by ourselves, all you need is just a calm matter and being a chill guy. Over all my experience playing with you was pretty fun, except for capture points, god damn, yelling and getting mad every 5 seconds, but you know you always take the leader role and tell everyone what to do, and you aren't bad as well. You were pretty brave whilst you were in this community, and I think that's the reason you are leaving, since that not only made you lose Community Support, but it made you give up on this community, just a little bit more careful would probably made you stay for a longer period of time. Anyways, thanks for the good times we had, for all the help you gave me and all the fights we've had. Have a nice one man, stay careful and have a nice life mate, hope to see you in the community a tad later, that is if you come back! o7

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