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  1. @Hazza i approve of your profile picture on behalf on all of the anime community
  2. accept this guy so he can leave bw pls
  3. @Frato imagine being shook of @JAW
  4. mate theres always about 10 or more of us on
  5. @Fratois the only one who parachute we always fucking slam and push, its funny how you claim we "land safe" and just sit there when you have all of TFU just chillin in their qillins roaming around killswitch dildo and west taking 1 hour to fucking push and yet we still dont push off cap, no1 apart from frato parachutes onto cap and we always tell him off when he does so idk why youre tryna make it sound like parachuting and landing helis on cap is all we do. We barely parachute infact we always land rebel to pull cars or drive from cosford to push properly whereas you lot have to have an orca flying around cap like a fucking idiot and a zerg of qillins just roaming around, if anyone doesnt push its you lot.
  6. Here at SRT we do not condone such despicable behaviour, please report to me with their names and i will be more than sure to proceed to hand out punishments. Sorry for the inconvenience x
  7. good luck bring fights pls x
  8. 5'11

    1. Frato


      We all know hes 5'3

    2. JAW


      Rah Christian dont ave that

    3. christiann


      @Fratoatleast i can go to school safely

  9. So as the title suggests, i think it would be a great idea if cops could have some sort of restriction such as a capzone wave rule, as of right now, if we are pushing cops on any cap, we will kill a few and they will be back within 1 minute to shoot you in the back, this pisses everyone off, aggravates and makes people wanna stop fighting, i believe it would be great for fights right now if cops could have a rule that everyone on cap has to die before they come back, this could improve pushes and perhaps improve the way they push.I think alot of people would enjoy a change like this. Opinions please x
  10. i understand what you mean however the problem is massive with the cops compared to us, we mostly drive over and it takes us about 3minutes~ in that time one of you can spawn shed and gear up, whereas cops can drive in zerg with qillins with their shitty free gear and shoot you in the back mid push people with like 12 people
  11. why should having like 10% off our gear affect whether we are able to get onto a leaderboard or not, our mk1 loadouts are literally 400k with perks, if anyone shouldnt be allowed to be on the leaderboard it should be cops, they get money and loose nothing over fighting, we loose millions ontop of millions fighting, sure you guys loose a bit more but us not being allowed to enter a competition over cap zones because we get slightly cheaper gear sounds stupid to me.youre spitting out "cheap" as if we get 100k loadouts run onto cap like we dont give a shit and kill everyone, we are literally the same as any other rebel gangs, we even get restrictions on how many can come this whole cheap gear shit is stupid idk why its always being brought up.

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