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  1. accepted gamer ill send ts in dms
  2. good luck sleeping tonight this biftas looking pretty hot
  3. brb! gotta go study for my vocational course!
  4. A level quantum physics @JAW
  5. hmm, lets rethink that, you went off for 30 min because you got killed and it was all my fault as usual, we then loose the base, jayy then joins the channel to give you the bad news and you come in the channel bawling your eyes out saying we are all shit and are nothing without supreme leader jaw :thinking_face:
  6. feel like shit might just join the channel during gangbase bidding and tell my gang they are nothing without me
  7. an index finger and a pinky finger up is a gang sign you uncultured swine
  8. feel like shit might kick noa out for not ripping him earlier
  9. didnt see an excuse buddy infact i heard you whiffed on hazu while he was running up @Hazu can you confirm
  10. noooo you kill 2 hobos and 2 guys running up to push you in a dmt!!!! please sign my profile
  11. dont remember this happening mustve been my lil bro playing😥
  12. stfu you wear a wetsuit to school
  13. Lt. @Hazu Lt. @ZigZag May we please have a breakdown of todays performance. I hear we had an absolute smashing performance today!
  14. you take a taliban van to school

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