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  1. Neo and I (mainly Neo) are currently working on this issue, and will post an annoucement shortly.
  2. xat


    MongoDB isn't a language 😜 It does support multiple languages though I myself code in the following languages; C, Python, Perl, C++, PHP (dont forget the basic frontend development, css, html), Lua, SQF, JS, Bash and of course Fortran (learnt it for a laugh)
  3. As cheesecake said, theres not enough room for them to be able to spawn in. Would of been good though, sadly we can't
  4. xat

    Dynamic cap zones

    As Scott said if there is a huge demand for it in the future we'll look into it, for now it'll stay static.
  5. Accepted, this will increase the fights at air drops and will be risk for reward.
  6. Accepted, this will stop people from trolling and abusing the impound.
  7. xat

    Capzone change

    Denied, would cause more network traffic, with capzones you're meant to cap it then fight to defend it and others fight to get it
  8. Shotgun is quite overpowered, the price is respected to the weapon. If it's a massive issue we may look into it in the future
  9. No point in increasing the area around mushroom, it's quite large at the moment.
  10. We have quite alot on our to do list, number one being optimizing the server and increasing fps.

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