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  1. Sick one my boyyyyyyyyy
  2. your logo is actualy from a internet portal about politics FAKE SERBS!!! good luck
  3. Legit the best roleplay experiance i had in a while been rolling with him as his medic persona for couple of hours i just cant get enough.This guy is full of energy creative AF . Give this guy a medal @Grim Reaper.
  4. Gramatik


    In-game name: Gramatik Steam ID: 76561198075330139 Date of ban: 04/12/19 Reason for ban: Toxicity on TS Staff member that banned you: KingOfNeptune Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Bad thing is my video got corrupted i cant rl provide a video but this guy actualy admits it in his report. i saw this guy craching his heli in pyrgos so i rushed to him to roleplay it out. (sir are you ok dont worry ill call a medical team ull be fine sir . . . . . .) as i was going with that he decied not to talk to me just to respawn (he said i had BW bussinise about contract or smth). how can u not vallue the current situation you are dieing and i m trying to save your life but you jsut care about respawning to continue your daily rutine. After he respawned i msged him on ts. dude dont do that that is fail rp u cant just respawn. his anwer was mind your own buisnisse and fuck off. That kinda triggerd me so i was little aggresive towards him (legit i didnt know <inappropriate1>ed is bannable offence i dont get this new political corectness 2019 stuff ). so he called me in a channel and blackmailed me to give him 2 mil so he doesnt report me . i was like no way i m giving you money (i m gambler anyway got like 20k broke af ). so he actualy posted the report. yea maby it was my fault for calling him retared (i had a ruff day maby he just triggerd me with his arogant behaviour)as i said didnt know that word is one of those 2 much offencive words.Usualy i m preety calm and i m the one that calms people down but everyone has an angry minute. Why should we unban you? i m a good fit to this community and 90% of my playtime is as a medic and i cant actualy do that without beeing on TS , i got alot of frirends that i talk to on ts. And i m preety sure my roleplay skills are on a decent lvl and alot of people are enjoying to intreract with me out of the game also.
  5. Well deserved recomendation, its always a new adventure to roleplay with @Banjo_Jo Keep it up ma boy.
  6. Alright. Here is my point of view you where circling around the cars while we where in a situation, i told you to move along (you clearly saw we had guns out). You didnt actualy comply with it, you continued your circling. Clearly you where bating for a fight. My friend told you to stop the car or he will shot u didnt try to stop you just positioned yourself for a gunfight. My friend actualy initiated on your tiers (that bullet you got hit was probobly bad recoil menagment.(He told me i m shooting his wheels.) After you came out of the car and started to return fire i just positioned myself and killed you. Also you say on the report you tryed to resolve this. Yes you sayd in chat come on teamspeak we came after like 20 seconds but you never actualy showed up. We keept spamming the chat (we are on teamspeak come) but you never answerd. So basicly you didnt try to resolve this.And if you ask me i dont see anything wrong in the situation from my side.
  7. + on it. I approached the situation like a minute after and i asked whats going on Aron told me to fuck off, i asked why are you so angry sir he said if you dont run you gona get shut in the head, i turned around and started walking he said RUN YOU LITTLE B..CH, as i replyed i cant run man i got a bad knee i can only walk this fast and he shot me in the head. This guy failed rp so bad if you ask me

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