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  1. A proper example of what an actual fragmontage should be 0:27 You've grabbed my virgin eyes and now I'll watch the rest. Juicy work friend. Stay hydrated.
  2. Did Rust weapons recoil get removed or something?
  3. Stay Hydrated


    1. Banjo_Jo


      Banjo Jo always hydrated, friend. :) 


      YOU stay hydrated my love.. ❤️


  4. Remove bus? No thanks, I use it a lot. Faster transportation in urgent situations.
  5. When someone tries to RP, but the majority of people dont know what RP is.. and ruin it all.
  6. I dont like watching frag montages, but I enjoy good music.. and so... nice choice mister Jack
  7. People don't understand that the below rule literally tells you as a rebel you're allowed to shoot anyone loitering during an active gunfight. Honestly friend, if someone is baiting themselves on purpose and there's shots being fired...then do as you see fit. Apart from that..just hope a staff member is watching and will deal with the Fail-RP. 3.7 Active FirefightIf you are driving around during an active firefight and you get killed it is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone driving past, it needs to be an "Active" fight, see rules below, if a gunfight is ongoing ie there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if you do not leave you can be shot (value your life). If the person you shoot is not involved in the situation and can prove they did not know it was an Active fight ie no shots were fired, you need to comp them or it will be treated as RDM.
  8. Thanks for the kidness mister, if you need anymore help just slide my DM's. Here for a fun time not a boring time, right?
  9. Banjo Jo only associates with pure volcano fire 😇
  10. Its close enough but slightly wrong. No worries though. ❤️
  11. @KingOfNeptune Didn't give comp
  12. @maxbirkenhead314- Thanks to DSGT Max for providing a juicy beat. Banter with the police buddies whilst waiting for a patrol Stutters included..
  13. BlackWater HAH...more like... Dead..Water
  14. I dont like frag montages, but I'm here for the lit music

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