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  1. Sven

    Chop Shop

    Hurons, tarus and blackfishes can not be chopped. @Patrick O'Finnegan
  2. Looks very good and is something new instead of a few buildings +1
  3. Sven

    Rebel Training

    The rebel hq which is located in the redzone
  4. You can break them with an offroad as long as you ram hard enough But you will easily destroy it with any type of mrap
  5. Sven

    NCU Hunter

    Okay, I withdraw that 4 mil bid anyway... half price is on and I gotta buy some ifrits
  6. Sven

    NCU Hunter

    Is this one sold already?
  7. @Ruben TPA Command have decided that you would not fit in our gamg therefore we have declined your application, feel free to make another application in 1 week time.
  8. We all left cops 2 weeks ago
  9. Why did I leave cops... I wnat my minigun back..........
  10. Oh shit yeah... well I guess we'll search for another one
  11. I have no idea about coding mate... so I didnt know you needed to rewrite everything if you change location?
  12. First of all looks good, second of all: the current bank is shit and I agree we just need a compound thats already in the game but I think that this one is way better then the current bank so what about we use fabrizios bank so that we are atleast done with the current bank. So use this one as a temporary replacement?
  13. We did this quite a while ago with @Chelston @JasonMeister and @Milo and some other syndicate members, that was quite fun!

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