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    In-game name: T o m m Y Steam ID: 76561198092424460 Date of ban: 03/16/19 Reason for ban: Mass rdm Staff member that banned you: Paul D Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I don’t think so as I did shoot people without initiating and I fully agree to this ban. Why should we unban you? I know I am only banned today, so you probably will decline the unban appeal, but I know the rules and I just wanted to have some “fun” and shoot people with my father. I have played a lot of hours on other communities so I definitely know what rdm means, and I committed it knowing I was wrong. I think this was a stupid mistake as I could have had fun just of having RolePlay with other people, as this server seemed to be fun. My father is very new to arma 3 in general and doesn’t know the rules, I just told him to shoot when we saw people on the road one time. He didn’t realize he was violating the server rules when he took the shot. When the admin came to us to tell us we were getting banned, he was very upset as he didn’t know what he did wrong. Right after the ban I felt all the regret, also because it was completely justified, as I was ruining the fun of other people trying to have nice RolePlay on the server. Again I apologize for breaking the server rules and I will never do this again. I know the rules very well as I have 1000+ hours on other RolePlay communities and I would like to stay in this one as this reborn roleplay seemed to be the most fun because of the unique possibilities you get on the server. I hope you will give me a second chance and I fully understand if this unban request will be declined as I got banned on the same day. I hope my father at least can be unbanned as he is very new and he will read all the server rules as he regretted it so much that he was violating the server rules without being aware. My father is a decent and mature person, when he shot at the people (which was only one he rdmed, the rest was I), he felt bad as he preffered roleplaying with them. I think that he should be unbanned as soon as possible as he wasn’t aware of breaking server rules. Thank you for reading and I would appreciate a second chance!

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