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  1. @[email protected]@TRR | Isacsb1 Thank you all, you'll definitely see me in game soon
  2. Hello all! I am proud to announce that Altis Airlines are going to be back up and running! This is because @Neois willing to sponsor us some aircraft and he has saved the company! It is unknown what aircraft it'll be but we know that it'll be quality and big aircraft. We shall use this on selected routes, we will decide on the routes to take soon and the new routes will include trips to the red zone but you may have to bring a parachute for that! Thank you to @Omligonfor trying to help and other people too! I am so happy and proud to be in a community that support each other.
  3. @NeoWow! Thank you so much! I don't know what to say, thank you. Anything I can do for you?
  4. @OmligonI don't know if the admins will allow a transfer of a Blackfish. Thank you though
  5. @OmligonNah, you don't have to do that, but if that did happen then I could start it back up @Joe. W I was armed but I valued life before assets @Spacearmy73Tried before, got shot down by the police and another time I was robbed of my Truck
  6. @[email protected] wongYeah, i'll probably join the NHS again and do some AAA jobs on the side
  7. @LightningMan, I love Tanoa. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. Altis has no adventure for me. (Islands that is, not servers. I love Reborn Roleplay) @yuteIs there a market for Auctions?
  8. @CharlyNah, not really my style. I love being a law abiding civ and getting money the legal way
  9. What I said about never giving up on the airline...... Well I did, sorry
  10. Hello, Unfortunately we've had to cease all operations due to our helicopters being stolen and low demand. We may come up with another thing to be a company in but Altis Airlines is no more. Thank you for everything
  11. @VatixOGThank you, the truth is. No it isn't paying off. we've made £200,000 from people. £1,000,000 from investors and we are £3,000,000 in expense. The reason to this is because there isn't a market for an airline on the island. Many people have their own helicopters and do not rely on transportation services, but I will not give up. I will never give up on this airline, I want it to do well Thank you as well to everyone for the support. I appreciate it a lot and it makes me have the drive to continue with the airline
  12. Hello everyone! We have 2 new things, 1) We have now expanded our fleet to 3 aircraft now. We have a brand new, just built Mohawk. It can fit 16 passengers and can go up to 330km/h (Seen Below) 2) We have changed up our routes a little. We no longer operate out of Brize Norton. Our new hub is Kavala Crane (We have permission). Our new routes are: Kavala to Athira - £5,000 per person Kavala to Pyrgos - £10,000 per person Kavala to Brize Norton - £5,000 per person We will expand our routes soon and we are now hiring! If you'd like to become a pilot for Altis Airlines, please message me. I would put this update on our new Organisation but unfortunately is hasn't been accepted yet. Hopefully it will soon.

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