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    1. 15 as ill will make a return soon enough
    2. +1 to losing a dog tag if killed. But if this is added like you said items will need to be more expensive, we will also need kill streaks added in then where players gain more dog tags for the bigger the kill streak they go on
    3. Kill streak would be nice to see. Also if possible the number of dog tags you receive per kill make it possibly higher if you are using a 5.56 or 6.5 for example if you use a 5.56 gun you receive 3 dog tags, with a 6.5 gun you receive 2 tags (Olympus have this method). It would change up the meta a bit since as we all know MK-1's are considered very cheap and used more often than any other weapon. We'll see more players using the lower tier weapons to increase there dog tags per kill
    4. -1 to Mar-10's and the Cyrus being added no matter the price per gun
    5. Nonsense thats my personal loadout in Frag Squad
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