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  1. auction done @Charlie Thomas
  2. now its higher cause the bid and you didn't even bid why on here auction done @Charlie Thomas
  3. Item: 15x 7.62 suppressors Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 2 million Starting bid: 1 million Minimum bid increment:100k End date:4/28/19
  4. Item: 2x Cyrus 9.3 Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 2.5 million Starting bid: 1.5 million Minimum bid increment: 200k End date: 4/28/19
  5. Polo G

    Polo G

    In-game name: Polo G Steam ID: 76561198278658262 Date of ban: 03/10/19 Reason for ban: racism Staff member that banned you: Just says Admin Kick Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: i understand why i was banned just please understand where i'm coming from I didn't use it in a demoting or racist way i used it in general manner. In my real life community this word is used everyday to show friendship i myself am African American. Why should we unban you? I can see why i was banned for using this word my exact quote was "this N is shooting at nothing" i understand this word is not tolerable in the reborn community or any racist words or actions. This is my first ban and it was permanent i would like to explain myself or show that it will not happen again.
  6. Any previous bans: None Name: polo g Age: 18 Bank Balance: 3.6 mil How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot): 403 Can anyone in the gang vouch for you: striker Can you attend gang wars regularly: yes Previous gangs/organizations: ember fam Why do you want to join: my last gang was disband and im looking for a new one and one of your members i play arma with What could you bring to the gang: im a great driver and shooter What is RTC: road traffic collision What is RDM: random death match killing someone without intiation What is VDM: using a vehicle to rdm pretty much What is the minimal amount of rp needed for inniation: a fair warning and 5 seconds

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