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  1. Rule 13.1 states that: " While on duty as AAA/AHA/Taxi/Lawyer you are not permitted to perform any Rebel Activity (this includes picking guns up)." Is my understanding correct that an AAA is allowed to lock pick a car if it is to help someone in danger since lock picking is not an illegal activity in this case? I will make it cleared giving 3 examples of situations I have confronted while on duty: 1. Driver was shot down and trapped inside a locked car. The medic did not have a lock pick. 2. Wounded man was underneath a crashed car and the medic could not reach him at all to revive. 3. The driver of a car died, after a crash and re-spawned, leaving the passenger trapped in the locked car. In all cases, I helped by impounding the car. I believe, lock picking the car in the first two situations would be according to the rule as it would be a legal activity to help rather than a rebel one, being unsure about the third because I had no reason to know if the car was stolen by the dead driver and the trapped passenger. Is my understanding correct? I just wish to mention that the role play in the first situation was amazing as two different profesionals doing different jobs (Medic and AAA) work together to save someone, speaking to him to give him courage and trying to keep him with us. The Medic's RP was brilliant as he did not impound the car but instead he asked the "specialist's" help. So after I finished my job he started his own.
  2. No worries man. I am 47 anyway. I know another guy who is also 47 and one more at 42, all in this server plus the oldest person I have met in Altis Life is 56. So, never give up being young.
  3. Although I do support whitelisting of the server, for trolls and one-time rule breaking visitors, I understand it has been discussed a few times and been denied. In addition since whitelisting would not prevent hackers from using their scripts, this idea seems irrelevant as it concerns the current issue. However, that idiot really ruins the server, especially since hits a number of times in a row. Some people might be willing to restart a ruined run once but not twice. Yesterday I saw a 100+ population falling down to 50 in less than 10 minutes. Isn't there a way to block, at least, that specific script which is our current problem?
  4. A couple of days ago someone has been robbed, during his first run on the server, on a quadbike, while he was gathering... peaches. The only way to role play is either joining a gang or joining the police. It is impossible as a civilian as you actually become a money farm for anyone who can buy a rook. You can be safe as a medic/AHA/AAA but these are lonely jobs. Most of the time you play alone. Before you think to look for another server, I can tell you this is one of the most organized servers I have ever seen. In other words... welcome to Altis Life.
  5. Nicko

    Rule 13.3

    I believe Lawyers have been accidentally left out from rule 13.3 as they are added in 13.1 and 13.2.
  6. Nicko

    Just wondering...

    I have a question for you guys who use to run up and down in Kavala GZ, screaming "Oficeeer" and "Heeelp mediiic" in your your headsets, probably audible to the rest of the house. Have your parents ever run to your room to see what has happened? lol
  7. Or simply give enough time to write "cannot hear" in direct. The rules already cover giving time.
  8. I guess, that could be the reason.
  9. Partly agree. Cops are also supposed to protect civilians in their legal runs. If they all go to the red zones, the rest of the island is poorly protected. Maybe a special forces police team, better trained and better equipped should be introduced to deal with the red zones. Fewer in number but very skilled and heavier armored. Like a SWAT team.
  10. It can be a good RP situation but most probably it will end up to be a trolling mess and a battle at the APD with a few reports for VDM and gunshots in the GZ. Let's see.
  11. Make it an on foot protest, no vehicles and no weapons not to give the police a justification to arrest protesters. If the route would be Hostital, Mayor's office, main highway and then right to the APD gate, the police can isolate those streets from traffic to allow a peaceful protest. That's what happens in real-life protests and can give more RP. Now, if it will remain peaceful to the end is another story. P.S. News reporters, if any online, can cover the events and take interviews, videos and photos for their articles.
  12. The NHS needs more staffing. A couple days ago I was downed with one medic 12km away. I wanted to check if he would come and waited for a long time. After 30 minutes another one logged and came. I guess the first one was busy in his area. The police needs a better organization. When there is a situation they go all there leaving the rest of the island unattended plus seeing a police car means nothing about safety. Most of them are owned by rebels. "Life, Safety, Respect". There a slogan for the protest which will probably end up with ifrits ramming down Kavala.

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