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  1. Nicko

    connecting failed

    Yes, the same happens to me as well.
  2. For those who don't know, Altis is a real life Greek island, names "Lemnos", located in north Aegean sea. Check the video link. There is also a story behind that. Back in 2006, the Greek authorities, arrested two German tourists because they were taking photos of military establishments in Lemnos. The two Germans were suspects for spying. They claimed that they were working for a German company named "Bohemia" and they were taking photos for a new game their company was about to make. The authorities did not believe them and they were sent to prison with the charge of espionage. It took six months to be proved, in the court, that their claim was true. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE6Sxk4H_1Q
  3. Nicko

    2649 Report

    @marso, since I was also there, I have to add that you robbed me while I was down (Nicko Montoya) as an on-duty AAA, which is against the rules. It is clearly seen near the end of the video on the messages area on the right. I have not reported that nor I will and my comment should not be taken as a report. This is why I have not provided any evidence here proving I was on-duty but you need to follow the rules.
  4. Nicko

    Art Gallery

    I am a bit confused about the Art Gallery thing. I understand it is an RP feature where the ambitious thieves should try to "deceive" the Police Officer with a good story and a good RP to actually let them either be alone with the paintings or even let them take the paintings. The potential issue I see here is that the police officer (player) is of course not deceived but role playing to be deceived if the criminals have a good story. For example the thieves could say "we are agents from the art ministry and we are sent to check the security measures" then the police officer could reply "I need an id", which of course does not exist in the game and the story goes on, is very-very close to power play. My worries is that it can easily lead to reporting exchange if not played well by both sides. Another thing is, can the police officer "recognize" you at a later state, maybe another day. elsewhere, saying "you had told me you were..." and the role play goes forever or it is completed after leaving the Gallery with the police officer "deceived"? I would like some clarifications here.
  5. Nicko

    Hostage situation

    I haven't found any clear rules fully covering a hostage situation and I wonder, what demand can hostage takers project? For example can they demand to wire transfer an amount from your bank? If so there must be some reasonable negotiable limit as if they requested i.e. 500K the hostage would prefer to start a new life. Then, can they demand to lead them to your house and give them your stored gear and inventory stored inside/outside a GZ? Can they demand the hostage to perform an illegal activity?
  6. Oh, ok then. Great. If you need the houses let me know anyway although I believe it is piece of cake for you or the developer(s). It is actually v5 module modified. I also have modifications for sea bottom mining/harvesting. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Ok, there are rules about GZ and consequences but there are also trolls and rule breakers meaning more work for the admins compensating etc. My suggestion is to hard-code some of them, similarly to the anti-VDM script, which are likely not to change. For example breaking into a house inside a GZ or lockpicking a car in the same area. I don't know, maybe they are already implemented, I haven't tried any of the actions above but if not and the admins team finds it interesting, I am letting you know, I had implemented both in a server I used to have about a year ago. I could offer my modules. They were in version 5.0, and I am talking about a very small addition on the right spot of the respective modules. I want to clarify, I am asking nothing. I would be glad to help with my modules to make the server even better.
  8. In all server which I have played and had a checkpoint, it was used as an ambush by rebels or just hobo robbers. Especially when the cops were busy elsewhere or during the more quite hours of the server, when the checkpoint was unattended. Even when there are enough cops, rebels carrying drugs and weapons can easily bypass it going off road or by air. Apart from this trolls can use it to jump into your car the moment you get out to open the gates or just to close them every time a speeding car rushes to pass the already open gate and cause a crash and rob the driver or just for "fun". I do not support the idea.
  9. Do you really think so? I receive several calls every night to repair vehicles.
  10. Nicko


    I agree about having fun on a game and definitely I have no problem with that. However, imagine me trying to RP the AAA, my van being exploded because of someone else's fun and then having to wait for another 3 hours to get it back. Having fun is good as long as it does not ruin fun of others.
  11. Nicko


    I am not sure that I have picked the correct forum area for this post but I couldn't find another more suitable. Well, it's been about 10 days, maybe less, that I have returned to the server after a long absence (more than a year I think). During the first days of my return, I got the impression that this is a friendly server with some serious RP taking place. It always remain a friendly place, which is good, but the last days it also reminds a fun park or a trolling place, letting little room for RP. What I mean? A couple of days ago, I saw two police officers VDMing each other for fun (they were laughing) at Kavala square. The next day I saw an NHS, bringing down walls, with his vehicle and an AAA repairing them continuously, saying that he would be rich in one night thanks to that guy. Two NHS members told me they are undercover police officers and when I roleplayed that I need a proof one of them displayed to me his id card of a paramedic. Then they did run away. Tonight an airplane was running up and down the main street of Kavala hitting cars and running over pedestrians. Ok, I will not mention the incident in the parking, which was quite funny, at least in the beginning. Also, there is almost no chance to drive by Kavala square and not, at least one person, falls into my wheels or anyone's wheels. I wonder, am I missing something? P.S. Do not misunderstand me. I still believe it is the best Altis Life server that I know. The real reason I am asking is because in another server I used to play, things get a bit "funny" when the server team started to make plans for a community restart in another map.
  12. Nicko

    AAA Guide

    AAA Guide As I have not noticed any complete guide about the job of an AAA, I decided to make one. So, you may find it very interesting or not. If you prefer to RP a peaceful civilian, doing a specific job, interacting with other people and being separated from crime, this might be the job for you. I said "separated from crime" because while on duty as an AAA, you may not carry or pick up weapons, you may not perform any illegal activities and no one is allowed to perform illegal activities against you, even outside green zone(s). Yes, it is not allowed to be robbed, kidnapped, shot or anything similar. However, you still have to RP. If an armed person requires you to leave an area you have to comply. Do not exploit your position. It is strongly recommended to read the server rules about AAA. What is AAA AAA, is not a whitelisted job, which means you can just buy the appropriate license, from the license agency and you are one of us. We mainly do four things: We repair objects which have fallen. Kavala and the main highway, can be a real mess during the server's rush hours. Walls, trees, road signs and lights can be down and the area look like a demolished area. We repair them and we make it look beautiful again. For every object we repair, we receive 1K. Believe me, it worths. I have made 50K in 10 minutes without worrying of being robbed. We impound abandoned cars which are left in middle of nowhere or in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic, a building's or parking's entrance. Be very careful with this. Do not exploit it. NEVER impound a car which is parked in a parking area, even worse if there is someone inside and ALWAYS check the area to ensure the owner is not somewhere near. In other words, make sure it is abandoned where it should not be. What I do is checking the near buildings, calling id somebody is there through the Direct Voice Channel. For every vehicle we, eventually, impound we receive 5K. We repair vehicles with a malfunction. like after a crash or an attack. This is the most interesting part of our job as it gives endless opportunities to RP with others. We are not paid for repairing broken cars, however it is not rare to receive a good tip just for helping someone. The biggest tip I have received just for repairing someone's car was 500K. Yes, I mean it. We can give tickets to cars which are illegally parked. Although we can do so, I suggest not to do it. It is much better to ask politely the owner to remove their car as it block the road or a building's entrance. If the owner refuses, I prefer to call the cops to sort it out and create more RP. Buying AAA equipment Since you have the license, the next thing to do, is to head to our HQ, which is north of Kavala and before Agios, on the main highway. Check the map. You cannot miss it. Once there, you have to buy your AAA uniform and backpack. You will also need a vehicle. There are two options: The Offroad Services. This car can repair other vehicles without needing a tookit. The Van Services (AAA textures). This can can do what the offroad can plus it allows us to repair objects if parked within 50m from the broken object. In order to have the Van you need the "Laws of War" DLC. Do not buy it otherwise as you cannot use it. Now that you got the vehicle of your choice you can buy a few more things but this is optional although recommended. That would be: Three oil canisters. We work on the road after and fuel is important. Three toolkits. We do not need them to fix other people's cars but we need them to fix our car if we crash. Three First aid kits, in case we are wounded or to help someone who has crashed. Ten bottles of water and ten apples/peaches, which we can use or give to someone who may have been stranded for sometime without water and food. A GPS, if we do not already have one. A set of night vision goggles. Going "On Duty" Ok, we have everything we need and it is time to go on duty. To do so, open your mobile phone (press "Y") and click on "Jobs". Then click "AAA" and in the next dialog box click "Yes" to go "On Duty". Once, "On Duty", whenever someone calls for out help a message on the upper right part of the game's screen. Responding to a call Once you have received a call, go to you mobile phone > Jobs > AAA. There will be a line for the specific call with the person's name and the message sent. Select it (left click on it) and click "Set Marker", on the bottom left of your phone's screen. Now, a mark has been set to the main map. Go to the map and locate the flag marker, accompanied with the name of person who called us. Place a GPS marker on it to help you on your trip, set your beacons on and go there. I usually send that person a message letting them know I am en route. Once there, role play a bit. Talk to them, ask what happened, pretend to check their car, tell them you found this or that broken... It is up to you and how responsive is the other person. Finally, bring your car next to the broken one and ask the owner to get in their car and try to start the engine. This is done because if someone enters a broken car and there is a service car next to it, either offroad or van, the broken is car is automatically fixed without applying a toolkit. You could even ask the other person to let you in their car to check if the engine will work now but many people will feel anxious of stealing their car. Repairing Objects (walls etc.) To do this you need the Van, provided you have the "Laws of War" DLC. Park your van near the destroyed object (within 50m), get off your vehicle and go near the object you want to repair, look at it and press the Left Windows key. The object will be repaired and you will receive 1K. This can be a bit tricky, sometimes, as you need to be near the center of the destroyed object. It helps to get the kneel and go first person. If more than one destroyed objects are very close to each other, they will be automatically fixed one after the other and you will receive 1K for each. You can do this even if you do not own a van, provided a services van is nearby. So, even if you do not own the DLC, hence you cannot drive a van, you can work with a colleague who does so. Impounding a vehicle Simply, go near the vehicle, hit Left Windows key and click "Impound Vehicle". The vehicle goes to the garage, unless it has exploded, in which case it will be available to the garage after the next server restart. In any case you will receive 5K. As I said in the begginning do not exploit. Giving a ticket Go near the vehicle, hit Left Windows key and click "Give Ticket". However, people will not like you for doing so. Going "Off Duty" Open your mobile phone (press "Y") and click on "Jobs". Then click "AAA". Click "Go Off Duty" on the bottom right of you phone's screen. Do so when you want to do something else than work as an AAA, because the AAAs receive a 15K cheque while on duty, which is three more than the standard civilian one. Receiving it while you do anything else (e.g. gathering) is an exploiting. How to call the AAA This is of interest to people who need our help no matter what faction they belong. It is about the same as when you call the Police or the NHS. Open your mobile phone, go to Messages, write your message, select "Services" on the bottom of your phone's screen, select "AAA", and click "Send". No need to tell us where you are as we can see your position once we receive your call.
  13. Nicko

    Air Taxi

    An air taxi would actually cancel the car taxi due to speed and safety during the trip. If an air taxi was to be implemented the fares should be much higher to maintain a balance, between air and ground and to simulate having to paying more for the extra speed and safety.
  14. +1 but conditionally... I like the idea of an insurance but somewhat different than the original suggestion. If you get the insurance amount back, in case an insured vehicle is crashed, there is no reason to insure it at all. Taking the example of the original post, the insured hatchback sport costed you 110K and if it is crushed/chopped you get back 10K losing 100K. An uninsured hatchback sport would cost you 100K and if it is crushed/chopped, you get back nothing, losing again 100K. There is no real motivation for anyone to insure a vehicle, unless the insured one gives back more than the insurance, like 30% or 40% of its value, if the insurance costs 10% of it, to give a strong motivation. If we want to keep it as realistic as possible, an insurance should be applied only to legal vehicles but that's another thing. I don't like the idea of having to pay to get it back once it has been impounded if it is uninsured as it would be a real issue for new players who just spent everything on their first car and it happened to crash-and-be-impounded. It would also multiply the incidents or compensation requests in case of a "troll" AAA or even an "enthusiastic" cop/medic.

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