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  1. Na sorry I ain’t interested then
  2. Name:Bill Durzbum (Luis)  Age:14 SteamID64: 76561198880518281 Why do you want to join? i would like to join because I am looking for an active gang who likes to go for red zones and do Hm’s/Apd’s and I feel like you would be able to provide that Why should we accept you? i should be accepted because I am good at PVP and know callouts especially Hm/Apd and I am very mature. What gameplay do you prefer (roleplay/combat, pure roleplay, pure combat)? Roleplay/combat but prefer combat
  3. Name:Bill Durzbum Age:14 Bank Balance:17.9mil How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot):623 Can anyone in the gang vouch for you:not sure Can you attend gang wars regularly:yes I’m on everyday for 7 hours weekends 8am 12 am Previous gangs/organization: police,moloko,nightwatch,wolfpack,bro-co,Tree
  4. Name: Bill Durzbum Hours: 585 rebel: advanced rebel bank balance: 13.5mil other gang experience: wolfpack, tree, bro-co, nightwatch,
  5. It’s me luis I changed my name in game
  6. Name: Bill Durzbum Hours: 585 rebel: advanced rebel bank balance: 13.5mil other gang experience: wolfpack, tree, bro-co, nightwatch,
  7. I do not have proof as I do not record as I say always and my game did close I was talking and then all of a sudden me screen went black and my arma came up with a error message I came back to the pd and I have been sitting in pd for nearly 1hr 30 mins waiting for bensi to come back as I did say to the support member (noah) as he was dealing with the situation
  8. It don’t help when I’m trying to have fun and play with my mates and 2 officers not stop try to do things to get me annoyed because they know I go off on one Once they arrested me 3 officers come down to the prison and were just sitting there laughing and saying how long until you get out I am released when u get onto my quad I drive off then I was getting followed. I then turn off the road to let them pass. I carry on driving then they pull off and go behind me. That’s when they light me and and try to pull me over. I pull over and comply that’s when they say I was reckless driving and that they came the same way as me because they got a call about a suspect (me) so I get out they say I was reckless driving and that. So I say wait I would like to speak to a admin about police harassing me. So I messaged them and I was running around the police car. I then run into the grass they ask stop or be tazed. So I run back to the scene and I was tazed. They then unrestrained me so I sat on my bike and put the engine on. So I said I’m just sitting on the bike. They then say if you drive off you will be tazed. So I just going back and foward (1-2M) so I then do circles around an officer they never said anything. They then shoot my tyres and then say to me put my hands up or I’ll be tazed. I put my hands up then they took my to pd. I say to them come to the radio the liaison channel. (Veichle channel) and you said there is nothing to go to liason about so I said yes there is he reply’s with no I am not going so I said okay they take me to pd and they said they will charge me for. Reckless driving, not having a source of id, insulting and officer and tried to get me to pay a 75k ticket. I was mid speaking saying the situation is unfair and my game fully closes. I start to load up and then I get a message from com support saying I need to return to the situation I say I know I’m going back. I go back to Arthira pd to try and resolve I sit on the chair and wait for bensi, Yak to come back because they looked afk. I go to the toilet and then I come back and ask are you ready for this to be resolved they run past me and say no I don’t care anymore so I ask 5-6 times can we resolve they said no because you are putting a report up I’m happy to carry on the situation if bensi wants to carry on I’ve beeb in athira pd for nearly an hour waiting for them to return
  9. Yes I did say that but I was very annoyed on the situation and I was already sitting in the pd waiting for it to be resolved Joined our gang channel that u don’t have permission to be in and started to talk u are a on duty officer therefore should be in kilo/alpha victor channel unless asked to Join other channels I was in pd for atleast 15 mins waiting for you to move cause you was afk so I waited for you then I went to the toilet I came back then I asked are you ready to resolve they walk past me and then say we are not resolving anymore I’m done I ask 5-6 times can we resolve they say no because they was putting a report up
  10. I tried to resolve it your the one who said I don’t care anymore I was sitting in athira pd because U asked me to come back you as afk so I sat down and was messaging the support member about the situation I then go and ask are you ready to resolve you then reply with I don’t care anymore I asked multiple times to resolve it the reason why I was getting a bit toxic because your ruining my fun on the server we. You are harrising me 24/7 There was no hummingbird landing at the prison either I was not ramming your car I was circling you officer in the quad As I did say to him and the support member (noah) my game just shut down so I was reloading and going back to the situation
  11. I’ll take 2 orcas I’m ready when you are @connor1233 And I’ll also take an ifrit if no one brought it 1.6mil in hand @conor1233

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