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  1. Yeah that was the correct situation but we did go into liason and they said will you give us comp. I said come for what, they said comp for nca weapons! I said how much comp u need! They replied and said actually we don’t want comp I’ll put a report up. I then asked 2 times after that do you want comp for your gear and they kept saying no do they never tried to resolve He never even attempted to pull me over either they straight went in front of me about 100m Infront and initiated on tyres straight away. what great roleplay.
  2. Rocco stfu no one asked you and it don’t affect you if I keep applying I was told by David I can You don’t even know what happened and why I was removed from the gang
  3. Exactly that’s what I don’t understand lol
  4. Name: Bill Durzbum Hours: 636 rebel: advanced rebel bank balance: 13.5mil other gang experience: wolfpack, tree, bro-co, nightwatch,
  5. Na sorry I ain’t interested then
  6. Name:Bill Durzbum (Luis)  Age:14 SteamID64: 76561198880518281 Why do you want to join? i would like to join because I am looking for an active gang who likes to go for red zones and do Hm’s/Apd’s and I feel like you would be able to provide that Why should we accept you? i should be accepted because I am good at PVP and know callouts especially Hm/Apd and I am very mature. What gameplay do you prefer (roleplay/combat, pure roleplay, pure combat)? Roleplay/combat but prefer combat
  7. Name:Bill Durzbum Age:14 Bank Balance:17.9mil How many hours do you have on ArmA 3(screenshot):623 Can anyone in the gang vouch for you:not sure Can you attend gang wars regularly:yes I’m on everyday for 7 hours weekends 8am 12 am Previous gangs/organization: police,moloko,nightwatch,wolfpack,bro-co,Tree
  8. Name: Bill Durzbum Hours: 585 rebel: advanced rebel bank balance: 13.5mil other gang experience: wolfpack, tree, bro-co, nightwatch,
  9. It’s me luis I changed my name in game

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