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  1. CamVPro

    White SUV

    Still not been added has it?
  2. CamVPro

    White SUV

    +1 sexy white suv
  3. CamVPro

    Cap Zones Stats

    -Vortex has entered the chat For real tho we have people from Turkey all the way to Canada, you cant complain about a gang capping when no ones on because they're literally balanced to only give you decent cash when loads of people are on. As for points though I can see your arguement however we do most of our zone capping during that time anyway so I doubt it'd make a difference , If you wanna complain about points talk to blackwater xd
  4. Anyone else having trouble connecting?

  5. CamVPro

    Police taser

    Reducing the fire rate further would be a solution to mag size then. But I agree the tazer is OP, its a knockout from any range
  6. 5mins into saturday night server, while capping a zone, gets kicked to make space for people who were too slow N O I C E

    1. Neo


      You'd only be kicked if you were lobby idle or AFK.

    2. CamVPro


      I was moving about with my gang capping a zone :/

  7. CamVPro

    Gang garages

    1+ for this to be bumped to a priority Item when they've got time
  8. The north west of the map is desolate, Why arent they some up there? No reason to go there other than sand which I've never heard anyone do... Such a beautiful part of the map wasted atm IMO.
  9. Pretty simple, When you get downed you lose the abillity to see gang members which makes sense and also right now the only way to know where medics are is with the distance away. I just think this is too vague and is very frustraiting given how it can 'appear' that medics are doing nothing. I think it would be a nice feature if the medics positions appeared on your map when you were downed.
  10. +1 I spent over an hour spamming last fri/sat

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