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  1. Daniel as an admin you really should be reading the posts...……………………..
  2. just to make it clear im not slating anyone for sniping or roaching or what ever. I just want cops to have some sort of risk when they are sniping as most of the time its with completely free gear. by making a small cost of 100-200k for the scope they will have a risk when they snipe making the fight slightly more fair.
  3. Daniel don't see you on let alone at caps. on this point. im not saying its a problem roaching and sniping we are all used to it from tfu. all im saying is that sniping can be a boring aspect to the game if your on the receiving end and can cause newer gangs and members of the community to not bother anymore which is not what we want. its a suggestion to make them cost a bit as when your sniping your in very little danger. by paying for your sniper scope you have more of a risk rather than little to no risk unless people have the opportunity to actively go for the sniper. plainly looking at the wrong suggestion here. have a read!
  4. not member anymore + blackwater don't main 800m rocks, safe, roach rocks and so on whether they defend or attack OG unlike tfu.
  5. why destined to be denied?
  6. me too. any actual opinions on this?
  7. not looking for toxicity. I think its a good idea as you guys get free gear and have to snipe people paying full prices for their gear. seems little unbalanced to me
  8. cops complain about not as much rebels around on caps and so on yet almost every sit they are involved in they snipe or bench which tends to annoy rebels. instead of giving it to them free put some hefty prices on dms+. this will hopefully discourage the every day roaches in cops from sniping 24/7. this will persuade newer gangs to play caps as they will be able to enjoy them more with fewer cops sniping from 800m. interested to hear peoples opinions.

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