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  1. it's hard to tell if the guy is shooting you or not, but i'll accept this, for future references please provide a video or a better screenshot.
  2. Accepted and completed!
  3. In order for you to recieve compensation for the items in the truck i require you showing the inventory of the truck. If you can't provide proof i can only compensate you for the gear.
  4. Completed!
  5. before you joined the server, what exactly were you doing? Did you have any external programs that are classed as cheats on in the background?
  6. The moment when you have to get in bed early as holiday is over, and then realise it's ages left until your next holiday

    1. Echo


      me last night 

    2. IrIsh



  7. Accepted and Completed for a total value of 700k Reason for this is because anything could happen along the road (robberies, arrested etc.) Therfor due to the standard protocol only 50% of the total sum will be compensated.
  8. Well sadly that's how it is. I will give you a 2nd chance. Your account however will be wiped. Don't screw it up again. Unbanned 12/08
  9. Right, so duping is quite a serious charge.. and you seem to regret what you have done after the little chat we had on ts. If I was to unban you do you accept that your account would be wiped and you would have to start from scratch?
  10. Right, you did DPI glitch which you aren't denying.. You were messing around but you did it whilst my CSO was trying to tase you. However I do think you didn't mean to do it to get away but more to "have fun" So therfor i'll grant you a 2nd chance... Don't do it again. Unbanned!
  11. Good luck to everyone applying!
  12. This time you ain't triggered lol, good luck!
  13. Happy birthday big man!

    1. Wilma Fingerdoo

      Wilma Fingerdoo

      Thank you mate :D

  14. Congratulations!
  15. c4m

    Accepted for the sum of 800k.

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