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  1. Happy Birthday BROO!

    1. Brian O'Conner

      Brian O'Conner

      Thanks BRO

  2. Happy birthday Jelly! Imagine, even you have a birthday ❤

    1. J.Ghost


      thanks meatball!

  3. How could you leave just a little before I come back?? 😢

  4. John

    Welcome to the club xoxo

  5. First of all, I need you to give me the link for the forum profile
  6. John


    If only you hadn't taken my Spar...
  7. John


    We ban you for breaking rules and you then go on a different account to avoid said ban. It is a serious offence but I'll leave this to @Melantha Roseseeing as she was the one who banned you.
  8. John

    Timothy Bowen

    In the future, try and get some proof if possible, if not try and get in contact with a friend that can then send a message to admins etc. explaining that your power went or that your game crashed etc. As well as if possible try and resume the situation if you can. Unbanned.
  9. John

    Ban System

    Personally, I think that the minimum time is there for justified bans. However if your ban is un-justified and you can actually prove that it is indeed un-justified then you can appeal whenever. At the end of the day, we don't see everything that happens.. So the more context the better, mistakes do happen and you shouldn't be banned for a rule break if you never broke a rule.
  10. If a vehicle blows up it will be back after restart. However, this was due to your own fault of landing in the dark. If a heli spools the rotors can sometimes clip into things which leads to the heli blowing up. In the future, refrain from landing that close to buildings. Denied.
  11. John

    Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Accepted, pending completion. @Wilma Fingerdoo
  12. John

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  13. John

    John Parker

    Will require evidence of the gear you had.

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