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  1. Happy Birthday! :x Who are you? xx

    1. Rambo


      Thanks John I’m the person who made you relevant by making you Dcom 🙄🧐 have a lovely day x

    2. Je baited

      Je baited

      Sit DOWN

      Edited by Je baited
  2. I will have to require you to show a video of the truck killing you as this screenshot dosen't prove much
  3. As Paul has instructed you I will be leaving the decision to him
  4. 492,851,776 This is a ridiculous amount of Money. Since you already knows about this exploit. Try and convince me why I should unban you, even though i wipe your account you might aswell just do it again until we patch it.
  5. What the actual fuck is this??
  6. Happy birthday Pine 🌲!! 

    1. Pine


      You got any of those er left over IKEA meatballs? <3

    2. John


      Yeah. I'll send some over. Just gimme your address, credit card info and your social ID and I'll send them away right away!9_9

  7. @Jonathan Frost you have 24 hours to reply or I will deny this appeal
  8. Noice
  9. So you are telling me 3 different admins heard wrong? And that you never said it? Im not having it. A tip is to better just come clean I know what i heard.
  10. Police Applications will be opened effective immediately (24/11/2017 8pm) So Apply!
  11. So if i were to unban you. What would make me so sure that you won't just be back at it again duping? As it is a serious offence which you are aware of. Do you also realize that if you are unbanned your account will be completely wiped and will have to start from scratch?
  12. Completed
  13. Completed. In the future however you should just drive off if possible, you did have a chance of driving off which you could have done and possibly not even have died in the first place.
  14. Right. After speaking to Wilma. You DID say it. However I will be nice and reduce the ban to a 24 hr ban. Don't do it again. Unbanned

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