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  1. Right, you were banned by our automated bot which places a ban if a racist/toxic word is written in any chat. I read through the sentence that resulted in the ban and I see no insults. So I will unban you however if you keep using words like these you'll just end up back here. Unbanned!
  2. Pretty sure they do have a cooldown on it
  3. Honestly no. Don't see the issue, if you get tired of getting shot by a Pawnee then don't bait vanguard in their own lands.. Can't be that hard.
  4. You do not show up as banned on our list. What is the message when you try to login?
  5. Completed
  6. Just because it's solved doesn't mean anything you said is forgiven. An admin may still take action if he deems it necessary. Anyways, Unbanned!
  7. Right. Do you understand why you were banned?
  8. It has been brought up around 6 times I belive since the CSATS were implemented. And 6 times it was denied. Take a guess what the outcome will be this time...
  9. @Fuel haven't seen @pinguu on, if you see me on Pingu let me know so I can sort it
  10. @triumphtier
  11. Right, So please convince me on why I shouldn't let you stay banned as the things you have said, obviously none of it is alright in the slightest.
  12. @Mick Fuel will respond when he has the time. Just wait patiently as trying to hurry this process up will just make the waiting time longer. You done the error and the consequences were that you recived a ban. Don't bump it.
  13. Right, you have been banned for quite a while now. Therefor I will give you another chance. Don't screw it up and make sure to read the rules just to make sure none of this happens again. Unbanned
  14. Accepted! Player Will be issued a 24hr ban for Killing in gz
  15. @Rambo this one is for you

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