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  1. Matt Shade


    Make a Apex Legends ts room(in the random games section)
  2. Matt Shade

    Your gpu is AMD so i suggest going with a amd cpu as well. But yeah you shouldnt feel any bottleneck from your pc because your gpu can keep up with the cpu and vice versa.
  3. Matt Shade

    You have dd3 rams you should save up a couple hundred more bucks and upgrade to ddr4 as they are much faster.(you will need a new motherboard ddr4 compatible cheapest around 100-120£ And then the actual ram 16 gb of ddr4 is about 180£ and then a decent cpu for the money is amd ryzen 5 2600x its about 160 £ depends...also a plus u will not bottleneck your gear
  4. Matt Shade

    I mean the tittle kinda explains the suggestion adding a /voteday n /votenight. Or just do something to improve night time more lights around the main roads or idk.
  5. Matt Shade

    Why would u scrap a car for speeding tacking the driver license sure yeah but impound the car dont crush it the hell.^-^How would u feel if somebody would crush ur car irl for speeding id go insane.
  6. Matt Shade

    It doesent make any sense...crushing a car for that.....maybe impunding it giving u a fine but not crushing
  7. Matt Shade

    ^-^ some people have a life no offense.
  8. Matt Shade

    @sbondo1234every1 has the right to collect money for financial gain no need to be involved in rebel activities to need money ex:i might need money to buy a house....maybe a mansion therefore 80k an hour doesent seem fair does it. Also adding random crimes to pns for personal gain is punishable by administration. Also the values are subjected to change i am just making a point not saying we need to use 25 and 50%
  9. Matt Shade

    It doesent have to be so strict just work a rule around HM ex: -countering HM not allowrd. -once downed at HM u can no longer participate(NLR) applies.
  10. Matt Shade

    Considering that most rebels make money and profit of their work and even NHS does why wouldnt police do.The police paychecks are not that big.So except tickets there is no other way. I think adding something like actually getting money of bounties ex: If a wanted person is killed by police the officer that incapacieted the suspect getting 25% of his bounty. If a wanted person is arrested the arresting officer geting 50% of his bounty.
  11. Matt Shade

    Implementing a kill feed when killing some1 after a few seconds a kill feed will show up(not in the chat as downed but somewhere much easier visible).Ex:
  12. Matt Shade

    Ok so because its valentines and my gf doesent actually give me permission to play arma ^-^ so i had to play with her mk10 and overcooked and stuff ^-^ i decided to also look trough some police fines and apperently i have noticed something ridicoulous apperently if u speed over 81 km/h above the speed limit the officer can give you a 70k fine and scrap your car,the actual fuck ? Is this for real ? Could some higher up enlighten me? this is strange af,as most cops dont even pull over people for speeding.
  13. Matt Shade

    There was a 43 000 kb file download yesterday did something got edited or fixed or implemented ?
  14. Matt Shade

    @Scott McTavish you are from the uk presuming your reactions would u go out on the street and start harasing cops see what happens ? Harasment is a crime according to your laws no matter who u haras...cop civilian.
  15. Matt Shade

    @Scott McTavisheven if we deal with that swearing all day doesen't mean we dont get offended we treat prisoners with respect and as human beings they shall treat us the same...not like pigs "yoink yoink" and other bullshit we tend to disregard it and not act on it but it may influence your sentence. There is a protection from harasment act 1997 and also....u have punishments such as harasment.... I have nothing else to say.

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