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  1. DENIED! wayyy to toxic!
  2. Accepted Join TS
  3. FAT +1 Give a reason for @Connor Bensonto add a coastguard unit!
  4. I agree with the above statement
  5. lol well il take a bump and at least it doesnt have the shit that vortex recruitment has on it lmao
  6. When connecting try to avoid using any of your keys or clicking.
  7. Yes they aint even iun the gang anymore lol. It doesnt help them bumping their post
  8. -1 A run can get you more then 1mil which takes like 20minutes then you have enough money for multiple loadouts depending on what gear you want. I buy a Car95 loadout when its not half price for 200k and I just goto supply drops for better guns and that works fine. An AK12 Loadout isnt much over 300k aswell. Quilins and Prowlers tho are wayyyyy to much. like 1.5mil for a not too armoured car aint worth it i would just take my chances with an SUV then buy one. I currently refues to buy any quilins or prowlers even when it is half price as i just cut em cause its way more worththe money.
  9. Everytime we went there we would tell blackwater but they shot us anyway lol. It was very hard to fight against Sinity some other gang and try to avoid getting shot by blackwater without shooting back it was a fat RIIIIIIP.
  10. Yeah 15mil. Heres the full story. @[email protected]@Flix My gang wanted a gang base really bad but only like 3 of us was on so instead of trying to get a gang base just us i was like meh we cant do it then Matrox came to our gang channel on like wednesday and offered to get us one for 10mil. I was like meh ok they rlly want it il take it out gang funds. The saturday comes around and they say they want 20mil for it so im there like ok 20mil defo aint worth it and they then tried speaking to m e to convince me to pay them for it. I had my gang in there aswell and matrox said the lowest i can go is 15mil cause my higher ups are saying 20mil so i cant go lower then 15 for sure. then @Spacearmy73shouted DEAL! Matrox then got really happy thinking he was getting 15mil and i didnt want to take his happiness away so i thought fuck it guess i ahve to now he sounds so fucking happy. The whole of base bidding ask my gang i was just pissed that i gave blackwater 15mil lol even when we had the highest bid. In the end he didnt get it us and he now owes us 15mil which we are still waiting for cough cough @Matrox.
  11. Do u not trust the citizens of altis? despite they're background, despite who they are the better future mayor, me, will always lie my trust in the citizens of Altis so they knwo they can put trust in me. DAVID DUCKS FOR MAYOR
  12. wow meant to be a mayor but doesnt even pay attention to the community? catch up with current events!
  13. Its his kink. It gets him going
  14. no and 15mil i didnt even want to pay but they sounded so happy when space said that we would pay and i didnt want to ruin they're happiness lmao we didnt even go to the cap zone the onyl time we got told to so we could bid blackwater killed us omegalul
  15. I am a great gang leader and a great singer. Thank you very much!

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