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  1. Just got in after 2 hours lol
  2. +36.98732 Its too hard to get into server to RP because everyone is jsut fragging at red zone. It should be possible though @<Noa>i dont see why it wouldnt be it is just a copy of server 1 (what server 2 is) but removed some zones from the map so people cant make money with no cops responding.
  3. Ok but it still needs to be fair and have it so rebels have a chance of getting through with ilegal guns/items. How would u feel getting arrested by police in the middle of the highway and not being physically allowed to do anythign to stop it. You would just avoid it and no one would go there.
  4. Lets be honest cops would nto control this very often at all instead they would want to drive around looking for stuff happening. The rebels will all take control of the checkpoint more 100% and it would not help police at all as there is already constantly roadblocks set up along that road by rebels which is hard enough for cops to deal with. Cops can set up checkpoint if they want as it is even though it wouldnt look as nice. By making it a bluezone it would completly ruin it all as theres nothing rebels could do they would just have to waster their time avoiding it and then no one would go to it. Aswell if you made it so only cops could control the gates then if no cops were on or manning it then no one would be able to get through and everyone would have to go round just overall being a pain in the ass. Nice design but would never work.
  5. im nto gonna argue but i can tell its a joke by the "explored the deep web" part. Still not funny dont care that much have a good day bb
  6. i dont get it?i understand its meant to be a joke but i dont see hwo its a funny joke... pls explain.
  7. After reviving @Tactical Venomi ended up taking him back to the hospital for surgery. What type of surgery? testicle transplant... Basically the idea was for context, that we would replace his damaged human testicles with dog testicles. It provided a strange and interesting RP scenario.
  8. fullhomo for u ❤️
  9. It's ok. still luv u nohomo
  10. Should it not be foundation? Very inconsistent!
  11. isit not meant to be foundation?
  12. No but i got a police quadbike so who cares?

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