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    Not certain on this but i think there is a container inside you can use a breaching charge on to open and it contains blue prints or something. I think you can use these blueprints to make stuff but im not sure might just be stuff to sell i have never done it myself.
  2. In-game name: Spacearmy73 (posted for him) Steam ID: 76561198158759604, ✪ Spacearmy73™️#4760 Date of ban: 11/18/19 Reason for ban: Doxing Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? Like I said on my last appeal, I'm sorry for what happened, it's been months and reborn was the only community I really played on, I'm so damn bored and I wish to come back. I know my last appeal was denied recently but please give me a chance, I didn't break a single server rule for 6 months before my ban.
  3. easily exploitable is it not?
  4. The reason they use that one isnt cause they dont wanna use gang coloured one its cause it blends in with rocks so its harder to see you if u wear it. Removing the access to that to people with gang bases is gonna make it unfair

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