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  1. Flamee

    Shertube Report

    I will wait 24 hours for the reported to respond.
  2. Flamee

    camer Report

    PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: This report has been denied as calling you "a little bitch" in roleplay is not discrimination and the RDM side of the report is denied as you can clearly see on Larrys video as he is pointing a gun to your head and telling you to put your hands up and you are just ignoring it. I suggest you be more aware of your surroundings next time
  3. Flamee

    camer Report

    @SyncPwhat timestamp in your video do you think larry called you "an r word bitch" as all I hear is "little bitch" which is fine as its in roleplay. Also the "RDM" isn't RDM as you can see in larrys video the guy is literally next to you initiating (your not in bluezone so this is fine) and he's not in the same gang or allied with Larry so its allowed.
  4. PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: Use the template and follow the format.
  5. Flamee

    better Report

    PLAYER REPORT DENIED REASON: The reported showed me a longer clip on discord which does not show him intentionally trying to tower lag by running up and down so this has been denied as its just how arma is.
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