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  1. Name: EchoSteam ID: 76561198271821013Number of tickets: 5Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Random
  2. k
  3. Aha, you vdm'ed someone on purpose how is it "fun". That's like me posting my kamikaze into gold trucks and saying don't complain about the obvious rule break its a laugh.
  4. wasn't you in police liaison the other day complaining about police being bad drivers and "ramming" you?
  5. good luck to anyone applying.
  6. Wheres the Minecraft meme

    1. Echo
    2. Hoggie


      @JSt4r - looking for house map , willing to pay 10m

    3. JSt4r
  7. if it has a squad xml (photo) that appears on vehicles etc.. then thats usually why same reason why it happened to me
  8. If you have a squad xml or "unit" it makes loading in much longer. But if you don't have either of them I have no clue.
  9. Will the clubs/group thing be used on here as the section for it is? https://gyazo.com/936367cc5d74293a27845999eee538d2
  10. Slots are a lot different to blackjack you have a much lower chance of winning anything especially the jackpot and so all im saying is maybe add an xp jackpot alongside the cash one. You would be better doing runs for xp unless you got lucky or have enough money to spend.
  11. +1
  12. congrats
  13. If I remember correctly the casino was going to get more stuff added later. So I figured that if slot machines were added for money maybe the possibility of having one of the jackpots being XP so an alternative to doing runs for xp would be to try to win the xp from the slot machine?
  14. +1 way overpriced

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