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  1. -1 The people with so much money had to grind for it so they are rewarded when they buy the more costly vehicles, would be unfair for them to spend so much on them then lose them easily.
  2. Currently, you can only rob fuel stations and I noticed that there was a supermarket in Kavala square. So for people who rob gas stations for the RP or even the people who do it to get in a gunfight surely it would switch things up if they could rob a supermarket and it would then open up multiple avenues of RP and even the CQC gunfights that could happen within it. I understand it could create lag so why not have 3 main supermarkets on the map one close (not in) to each main city (Kavala, Athira, Agios). Within the stores you could have access to buy items in the virtual market and certain general store items like toolkits, maps, GPS etc (more selection than at fuel stations). Maybe the supermarkets could be a higher priority to the police than gas stations and have a higher cash reward if you succeed. An idea I had with the robbing part would be having the back room door be locked and you have to bolt cut through it then you rob it. Let me know what you think. Supermarket:
  3. In game name: Echo Age: 16 Bank account balance: 42 000 000 Previous gangs: Vertigo, few others cant remember. Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Immunity? Need a new gang, vertigo is getting disbanded, already played with you lot in a bank and it gave me a good impression of the overall gang. Can any members vouch for you? Andrewfam, rease, sanders
  4. In-game Name: a big poo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of the incident: 15/10/2017 Time of the incident: just after 9pm Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk1 loadout -> 650k Please provide as much detail as possible: We was taking part in the server event and vanquish decided that instead of pushing dmt they would blow it up. Any Evidence Available: I can provide a youtube video if necessary but the gif shows it quite clearly. https://i.gyazo.com/199383213c0600ff06ea4c5ee9e2cee9.mp4
  5. Barriers and cones etc were so nice, shame they got removed
  6. whats an ahk boys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwhRb7MKcp2CZ43u3Wxtm_A
  7. i dont recall that but yeah sure we'll comp u
  8. you didnt ask for comp to us but yeah we'll comp it
  9. We were in a channel with you and waz and you both resolved it you even asked waz to comp you as he was flying yet half an hour later we are reported?
  10. maybe allow medic truck boxers
  11. nice dancing skeleton intro
  12. +1
  13. +1 Even if it isn't an op one

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