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  1. Echo

    The vehicle was stopped there for a while and didn't explode, I went to drive it away and before I could even start moving the truck blew up. There was no way for me to stop it blowing up as it was already parked there. It's not my fault that I got in a vehicle and it exploded randomly. Fair enough if you won't comp it because it wasn't the fault of the server but I didn't really have a choice of stopping it from exploding.
  2. Echo

    In-game Name: Echo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of the incident: 06/18/2018 Time of the incident: 15:50 Link to player report: n/a Lost Items and Estimated Value: 890k for the drugs sold, gear was 300k Please provide as much detail as possible: Robbed a hemtt selling at kavala dealer, sold the drugs then when I jumped in the truck it blew up. Medic was unable to revive me as a few mins after I died a gunfight broke out and medic couldnt return in time for the restart. Any Evidence Available: https://i.gyazo.com/1c84ffee23850e69d8316edf21c62d62.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/31cc7513cccf4adca924f5276e9fbe20.png
  3. Message if needed

  4. Echo

    fookin consular
  5. pm me if you want my reborn money

  6. Echo

    In-game name: Echo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of ban: 03/23/2018 Reason for ban: Bullying Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: justified. Why should we unban you? I've never purposely gone out of my way to bully or harass him. I understand he may have taken it as us trying to bully him but we figured he would take it as a joke as he had been arguing etc with us in side chat prior to the incident. I do not support bullying however, I do not agree with a perm ban for saying "hurrr" in side chat once. I am sorry if this caused Cainey any emotional abuse as I did not intend to do this.
  7. Echo

  8. Echo

    In-game name: Echo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of ban: 03/13/2018 Reason for ban: "Hiding Ban Evader" Staff member that banned you: Jord/management Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, I think the ban was unjustified, this is down to a lot of reasons. After being accepted into Assent I started to enjoy playing rebel and despite coming across questionable moments I kept my head down and made sure I did not get involved in it e.g. the whole ddosing situation. I've been trying to rebuild my reputation after my previous bans and do not see why the actions of one idiot has resulted in many innocent players getting banned. Yes, I knew he was banned and knew he was playing with us whilst being banned, however in my opinion his actions are none of my concern and I don't understand why we were banned for not informing management, as many people know that if any of us done that our entire reputation on the server would be ruined look at clixy as an example of this. I would feel the ban was justified if I was approached by management about it and then proceeded to lie to their face, however, I was not at any point asked by anyone if he was ban evading. I enjoy playing here and despite my previous bans I have still tried to regain the respect of the server. I hardly even spoke to him and would not consider us 'good friends' but I am not going to purposely ruin my own reputation by being known as a 'rat'. I do not support ddosing or ban evading and other people's ignorant decisions are of their own concern, not mine. Why should we unban you? I've been playing the server since it first began, I've thoroughly enjoy being a member of the community and try to the best of my ability to improve it. I have been trying to give myself a good name since I was unbanned previously and now the actions of one idiot has resulted in that attempt going to waste. I do not condone/support any negative actions of the members of Assent and had nothing to do with his actions. I understand management rely on the players to help improve the community, but I also think management should have weighed in the different factors before banning the entire gang as a lot of members had nothing to do with his actions and were just playing the server.
  9. Echo

    I said rebel life is dead because for the past 3+ weeks the only gangs I've seen properly playing are faceless and assent until recently. The server needs to focus more on rebel life and not opfor factions. I'm not spending my Tuesday night having some sad argument over how many active gangs there are, I'm just stating my opinion on having another faction.
  10. Echo

    Why is there such a necessity for an opfor faction, all it is doing now is limiting rebel life. When syndicate first started it worked well as there was a balance between rebel gangs (allahs interlude etc..), police and Syndicate. Now rebel life is dead so why consume more possible gangs by having them in one faction. Im not bitching about the faction Im just saying that the server would benefit more from having active gangs than an opfor faction.
  11. Echo

    +1 For Rebels not vanguard, we need something to use against all the different air vehicles police/vanguard have over them, e.g. Hellcat, Ghosthawk, Pawnee
  12. Echo

    In-game Name: Echo Steam ID: 76561198271821013 Date of the incident: 02/22/2018 Time of the incident: N/A Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 1 House and a garage near the old vanguard land/dealer. (All I can remember) Please provide as much detail as possible: House Wipe Any Evidence Available: N/A
  13. Echo

    just to clarify to the admin dealing with this, Its not me.
  14. Echo








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      yes whats wrong with that i was best buddies with MC Tavish. JK

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      @Scott McTavish Show this wee laddy whose boss general!

  15. Echo

    Put it at the bottom of Kavala in the compound across the road from the church that way there won't be helicopters landing right next to Kavala square causing <inappropriate3> and make it have a much higher retrieval price so it isn't overused

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