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    1. Honestly i really agree with you on this one needs to be changed. As I never want to go there cos hobos could just keep coming back after you kill them cos there is no NLR is redzone
    2. @LennySmith I would just like to say aswell I was in the situation and they meta gamed and said "these guys are freaks" as we were in a sit were they died earlier in the restart to other Scarface members.
    3. Yeah i recon a green zone for rebels so now rebel on rebel pvp however cops can KOS armed people in the area and rebels can kill cops would add a cool dynamic maybe events where cops will raid it and rebels defend it would be a cool monthly or every so often and the people with the most kills get a prize out of cops and rebels
    4. Maybe a Mafia base which is a rebel outpost where cops can raid and occupy it and police are kos inside the zone
    5. The location of drug purifier should be moved as when you are purifying your drugs any random hobo can spawn in and KOS you . I understand increased profits should mean increased risk however when you do travel all across the map to do your drug run a hobo with a rook can spawn in and run up towards you and get the jump on you. I think as a replacment location should be at the bottom of the redzone however on the opposite side of rebel as of right now the only time it is used is during off hours when there is only 5-6 people online as when the server gets more populated more and more people
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