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  1. 1. I’m sick of telling medics I’ve been shot and them going “NoT tO wOrRy YoUvE jUsT gOt SoMe MiNoR cUtS aNd BrUiSeS🤪🤤”. I’m sure people do sit and not speak to you but no wonder when you say your giving us an ice pack when we tell you we were going 110 and crashed. 2. Actually it’s not too common to get to get to process someone and get much money. When there’s Atleast 15 cops on in Kav that’s a 1 in 15 chance I’m going to get to process someone, and even at that a possession of firearm and discharge of one is about a 50k ticket. Not exactly balling. 3. Ah yes, Civs st
  2. 1. Most medic roleplay consists of “okay sir you’ve got some minor cuts and bruises, I’m gonna do x, y and z and now your good to go”. I don’t want to wait for the same line to be quoted to be for the 100th time. And as for Civs, the police just can’t get to tourniquet fast enough especially when there’s a gun fight. 2. If I’m downed I can’t run or flee. The reason cops suicide is because if I’ve been downed and a rebel is stripping me then okay fair enough, but some illiterate hobo who doesn’t understands RTC isn’t getting what he doesn’t deserve. This is a unspoken rule in cops t
  3. I understand the frustration, but as someone who has been in factions for 2 years on the server here is my input 1. When there’s 5 medics in Kav when there’s a major going on, you should be prepared to stand by to attend the major. I do however understand that you don’t always know when a major is going on so perhaps a rule should be implemented that cops must notify the medics of the major. 2. If your a career medic, you don’t understand the pain of seeing a medic moving 10 meters every minute only for them to go further away to the closest dead body back in Kav, and that’s
  4. +1 Pretty much valuing your life by staying away from people with guns. I can see this as beneficial to the police more than anything else as chasing someone in circles around Kav with a taser and still having to initiate when you’ve just seen them VDM someone is rather silly.
  5. I understand that, I’m simply suggesting it be all suits and not just this Tan suit since you had no problem letting me defend someone when I had the grey suit
  6. Rule 13.1 states an on duty lawyer must have the Lawyer outfit, however whenever I’ve delt with officers who are supports or Admins they don’t care about what suit I’m wearing, only that I have the ID. While I’ve never ran into this issue I know I’m going to run into a cop who is going to be a 🔔 end and refuse me because I’ve not got the tan suit on. essentially just change/edit out the part of rule 13.1 where it states a lawyer must be wearing the Lawyer outfit to be on duty. Also because Shepherd Price looks snazzy in his grey suit 😁
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