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  1. HAHAHA SO FUNNY AHAHAHAHA judging someone not knowing shit about them so funny
  2. why do you care how i spend my life? thanks to my family i dont need to work, so i just play videogames, dont see the problem with that
  3. Name: lervayyAge: 16Bank account balance: 4.5mFluent in English (yes/no): yHours on Arma 3 (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/25be45f9c3bde882bcdb0d9fdae5899aPrevious gangs: Mostly irrelevant gangs, good knowledge of caps, also been in cops and BW
  4. shit music good player would beat my meat again
  5. alright please dont kill me with your amazing videogaming skills
  6. i accidentally deleted 80+ vids with frags in them so i just released this 1m one as a place holder Its kindof shit but tbh its the first one i release so its not that bad imo
  7. @DeclanCif you think thats pulldowns you are an actual bot
  8. HAHAHAHHAHAHA alright brother
  9. This rule is inspired by gmod which basically is the following: Ex: You are not allowed to strip weapons/rob if you werent involved in the situation.
  10. rather have 3 1m ones than 1 3m one, idk just personal preference
  11. First montage, feedback appreciated.
  12. No. The BW member farming was on a Taru, we never killed cops

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