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    Joe. W

    Unbanned. Make sure to give reasonable time for the person to respond.
  2. Pauly D is already banned. Denied @Nathanh49 If you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you cannot initiate. Take this as a warning. 1.7 Traffic CollisionsIf you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other, this extends to gang members/other police, you can not get 1 cop/gang member to “accidentally” hit a car then another arrests/rob them. (repair continue the chase).
  3. Can i have 2-3 mins prior please
  4. Can you come to teamspeak @Mr.Abdulrhman
  5. Denied Two wrongs doesn't make a right, also when reporting someone don't cut evidence to suit your needs. @'Jorgen' you will receive a warning for toxicity. @MNSY communicate better with your team before shooting people.
  6. Spoken to lagswitch in teamspeak. Report accepted.
  7. Will give time to respond @hayden
  8. Daniel Stiletto

    Bodge Report

    Resolved on teamspeak.
  9. Daniel Stiletto

    Bodge Report

    When you have time can you come ts
  10. Daniel Stiletto

    Bodge Report

    @Bodge Do you or kyle have pov?
  11. Daniel Stiletto

    Bodge Report

    @hat @Bodge Can you both come to teamspeak to resolve this?
  12. When initiating you must give reasonable time to respond.. You gave Bradley pretty much no time to react before you shot him. Clear poor rp. accepted.
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