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  1. TheSlav, I heard you work at a factory that helps make the drink purer than water... Stella Artois!

    1. TheSlav


      I sit on the so called hops that are added into your stella, therefore you might be drinking something that I have had my ass firmly implanted onto. xx

      sexy robert downey jr GIF

    2. M-K


      Disgraceful! How dare you tamper with the holy drink. Mastered since 1926! Although, does still taste nice.

    3. TheSlav


      Who said slavic ass has bad taste

       how you doin kiss GIF

  2. A montage that is worth every willy pick.Will be missed.
  3. Item: Black Strider Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/ac336a318594fb8f49549a0eaa814ab7 Buy now price: 4 Mil Starting bid: 2 Mil Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 26/09/2019
  4. my boy hazza going at it again.
  5. Thanks bro Thank you stephannoo bby boy Thanks bruv. Exchange willy picks in ts?
  6. Sorry to dissapoint dad Thank you bro Thanks for the opinion! Tnx baby xx Thanks bby charlie x Thanks son xx You mean full blown client with customized ESP with a specified config made to work without holding caps lock to lock on Lets be honest it shouldnt be in there but hell it is too funny to pass out lol Sexy am I right? Thanks hammock buddy. xx luv u Tnx baby x thank you Thank you my pupil xx Thanks bro Better love story than twilight am I right? xx Thank you baby xx thanks bro Check dm's Luv u baby I miss those days aswell my man. Top fragger cheater gang . Come by the teamspeak anytime soon. Thanks bby xx Thank you bro
  7. Very old clips. I am making RR4 and RR5 in the future. Point is to show progress from long ago to current and wrap up the story. xx

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