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  1. Jeff

    Streamlabs OBS

    You don’t
  2. Cool until you get desync rammed and explode
  3. Before the video starts...
  4. How long have you been researching into the components for your pc?
  5. Unless you urgently need a computer I would probably just wait for a little bit possibly get more money to spend instead of sacrificing components for other ones GPU etc because you may regret it later use websites like pcpartpicker to look at the components and see if websites have good deals on pre-builds
  6. You don’t really need to activate windows unless you want personalisation options. Building a pc isn’t too bad just watch a few videos and you could save some money
  7. Jeff

    NCA Prowler

    NCA: National Crime Agency. Specialist unit within the police force that deals with major crime/ drugs etc. Used to take some of the workload off the "regular" police officers
  8. @Aref if you could specify which interview it was then the specific factions might be able to help. My presumption would be that they are referencing the rules - NLR, VDM and RDM
  9. Going into the map sometimes works for me haha

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