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    In-game name: Newbie Steam ID: 76561198330012970 Date of ban: 08/10/19 Reason for ban: Working with a hacker Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes. I sold an account to someone that was named pablo (later finding out it was finlay by adam briggs himself). people from supremacy will vouch that he changed his name. Also, I sold "finlay" an account but he never used his hacks to disturb the server but to just out gun players in gun fights (assuming because he told us all he had ESP when he was banned for hacking in discord). Why should we unban you? well, I dont want to do a flix here but im going to anyway. Cozza banned so many times for hacking but unbanned again and again. Connor J got banned for cheating , got unbanned less that 3 months ( I think). So many people actually banned for hacking but had 2nd chances sooner. Also, cozza on many occasions has been banned for racism/toxic , saying the N word, but he got unbanned within a week. My point is that they all were hacking making the server a shitty place but me all I wanted is to get rid of my account that I knew I didnt need anymore because arma had kinda disappered out of my mind , but lately I want to play it again with my friends and just enjoy it. I know im stupid because out of all people I sold my account to was a hacker, there are many brothers and random people on the supremacy discord so I thought it was some random dude that spoke to me asking for a cheap account I said yes because I didnt play arma that much. All I want is a 2nd chance and I promise that ill play your server like I used to (180 hours in the past 2 weeks- not proud, maybe a little jk).
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    In-game name: Newbie Steam ID: 76561198330012970 Date of ban: 10/08/19 Reason for ban: Working with a hacker Staff member that banned you: Adam Briggs Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Slightly. I can have vouches for me that "finlay" the cheater changed his name on supremacy gang saying has anyone got a spare arma account which I do. I said yes if he pays me 10 pounds which he did as thats how much arma was with the steam sale.So I gave a guy that was asking for a cheap arma account for 10 pounds not knowing it was finlay. Why should we unban you? I have a couple of reasons why I want to be unbaned: 1- I didnt know it was finlay that was going around asking for accounts as Ive never spoken him on discord/ts so literally some random guy joins the call and says anyone got an arma account, with that being said Ive never spoken to finlay before that as I dont really play arma that much. 2-I know I spoke to adam briggs about my "brother" thats a complete lie I dont know still if this is allowed , I sold an arma 3 account that is clearly mine that I did log on probably with the same IP so many times so therefore "alt account" but if I gave it to my "brother" it was completely fine then say he lived somewhere else, so I made up a story to keep me from getting banned because I dont know the rules on selling an arma account. I wish to come back to the server , and I do miss this server.
  3. why we should have 3: -3 gangs that rule the server: sinity , some weekly made gang (SDL, careless etc) and the hobo gang that gets their ego boosted because they won it ( impure ). With that being said the 3rd gang will mass recruit and will have active players in it and it will help the server by boosting the active population. -now that you get perks with gang bases (10% off things) it should be opened to more gangs not just the 2 because they dont really recruit poor hobos that are new (impure which isnt a bad thing helping new players +1) -we want to see a different gang colour other than SDL as sinity arnt conistantly active as they play 1 week then dont play another week, with the gang colour being there it has been suggested change rotation of colours on gang yet just adding red back will give a gang motive to try win that colour. Just add three and boost some little kids ego IDEA for where it should be: https://gyazo.com/ceab41fe40a421385d5d42b42e492544

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