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  1. Paul Mullins

    Tivroxx out here fragging my guy
  2. Paul Mullins

    It's not a roast i'm just trying to show you that you're being childish. Not once did we come chatting shit all over your gang post but you're here giving it all that, take yourself and your bum chums out of here if you're just gonna wail and throw your arms about like a bunch of children, just grow up mate you're making yourself look stupid.
  3. Paul Mullins

    The gang is disbanding because of internal reasons that there is no point going on about. Fox you're 18 years old and chatting shit on a roleplay forum please get a grip, much appreciated xx
  4. Paul Mullins

    Top shagger
  5. Paul Mullins

    In game name: Paul Mullins Age: 17 Bank account balance: 3 mil Previous gangs: Adversity Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/af93e6e5c7d814f4342068524d420fba Why do you want to join Hennessy? Looking to join a decent gang with some good players. Can any members vouch for you? Kaane
  6. Paul Mullins

    In-game name: Paul Mullins Steam ID: 76561198012720864 Date of ban: 01/29/19 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No I do not belive my ban was justified as I was duping. Why should we unban you? I was duping with others in my gang it was a mistake and I am sorry for it. I decided to cheat and take the easy way and for that I apologize.
  7. Paul Mullins

    If you look in game good sir there is currently gang members on the server good sir, not everyone is banned.
  8. Paul Mullins

    Alright I was refering to the PCSO on the stairs as PCSO's only have tazers there for the handicap. I was actually just trying to have a joke with the other cop that was letting me out of the police station. I am sorry that you took offence to the situation. 😊
  9. Paul Mullins

    @Big-Kev I appriciate that.
  10. Paul Mullins

    CST's out here doing bits
  11. Paul Mullins

    In-game name: Pablo Tescobar Steam ID: 76561198012720864 Date of ban: 01/16/19 Reason for ban: The ban reason was exploiting. I abused a bug that allowed me to move around and shoot my gun even though I was in the downed screen I abused the fact that I couldn't be downed during this time and used it to my advantage while killing police officers while in a gun fight with my gang. The bug occurs when you get tazed and downed at the same time and I stupidly abused it. Staff member that banned you: Big-Kev Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I belive that my ban was fully justified what I did was stupid and straight up unethical, I full heartedly deserved the ban that was issued to me. Why should we unban you? I know what I did was a mistake, in the heat of the moment I thought I would have a laugh and keep the gun fight in my gangs favour. I looked back on it after I did it and thought it was just childish because that is exactly what it was. I understand why I was banned as exploiting a bug full stop is not tolerable. I should have just surrendered and sat out of the gunfight as soon as I realised what has happened and reported the bug under the bug report section on the forums. I suicided when my gang told me to stop as I was going to get in trouble for what I had done and that It was stupid. For future instances I know now how I should react in these situations and what the right thing to do is. I can understand the frustration from people if they were to die to this exploit in game as the video presented in my report shows the officer put multiple bullets into my head while I was lying still just to die moments later. I would hate it if something like that was to happen to me in game. I understand the mistake I made, and I know that I will never make a mistake like that again or even anything close to it. Throughout my play time I go out of my way not to break rules and the one time I slip up for a joke I get banned for it. It just goes to show that the rules are there for a reason to keep the gameplay enjoyable and healthy for other players on the server. ItÔÇÖs a shame that I had to negatively impact the gameplay for the officers that I killed and the confusing situation that I created for the other officers at the scene. I know I have put a ban appeal in very early, but I feel that I made a stupid mistake that Is not worth wasting 3 months over.

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