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  1. hello friend xoxo

  2. First dupes, second hacking... smh

    1. Mullins


      Wanna swing it mason?

    2. -Mason M-
  3. <If you are seeing this... I tried to be cool typing "free up" because "I iz from da stweets blud"... I'll now have to think of something more original>

    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      Very original 🤔 

    2. Girraffe
    3. Neo


      rekt, and you can have a ban for wanting to free up a duper and a hacker ;)

  4. my brudda 

  5. Hbday u duper

  6. Mullins


    In-game name: apple.picker Steam ID: 76561198012720864 Date of ban: 04/09/01 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my ban was justified. Why should we unban you? The duping was from about a month ago. I was duping mk200 and paintings in order to buy vehicles. Since then I have been pushing to make money legit I have done this through LSD runs and getting stupidly lucky in the casino. I have realized how easy it is to make money doing it legit, unfortunately I found this out too late as I had already duped. I do regret it and wish I didn't do it, not really much I can say other then sorry. I understand why I was banned and I think it was fully justified.
  7. @FlixImagine not getting in vortex
  8. Yikes, trash gang get over it
  9. Name: Mullins Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Adversity, Narcos, Excursion Why do you want to join: Want to be in a gang with people with fingers and more then 5 brain cells. Anyone who can vouch for you: Kaane, Aspect, Linx, Gavin, Salt, Barry and probably some more
  10. will buy all 3 today
  11. Mullins

    A&D Event

    @Theo Wright You down? There will be a fatty pay check in game if you even play

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