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  1. Congratzzz on comsuport buddy

    1. Gareth1


      Thanks Kev :)

  2. Would also be a great solution +1
  3. As true as that is, at the same time it will also slow the new players joining the server which it seems to be when I do manage to get there to see who it is and maybe have a chance to do something about it
  4. I'm aware this only is an issue for a few people in the green zone of Kavala, however having your house robbed in the green zone is really starting to get annoying at this point. There's no illegal activity allowed in the green zone so people shouldn't be robbing houses in there in the first place. However the bolt cutters being in the market in Kavala means every new player to the server seems to go buy them and rob the houses in there (Had this happen 7 times in a week alone) Pretty sure @Wilma Fingerdoohas also had this issue multiple times as well recently. Just wondering if there's a chance they can be removed from Kav market/all markets or returned to only rebel stores?
  5. +1 on the ifrit skins. Also the Irn-Bru car lmfao @Paul D
  6. Gareth1

    5th Order

    How long have you been on the server: Joined in December 2018 Have you been banned? if so why? Never been banned. Why do you want to join the 5th Order? Ex-Medic, got into quite a few situations with Gypsy and roleplaying our way out of police custody many times and just overall having a good experience with other 5th Order members (That I've met so far) What do you bring to the Order? I'm a fairly decent pilot, semi decent at the game. I may only have 400-500 hours in Arma 3, but I have over 4-5k in Arma 2. Overall I'd say I'm an easy enough person to get a long with and always down for a laugh. Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Gypsy, Rose.
  7. Lets get the helicopter on standby I've seen you fly, you just have a few accidents
  8. All information correct, appreciate the post.

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